Tuesday, September 29, 2015

No Water Baby!

You'd almost think the Mighty Dachshund has some feline blood in her veins, the way she hates water. She hates baths. She's peeved when she has to pee and the grass is covered in dew. She's downright offended if she's asked to poop in the rain. Even when I hold my largest umbrella over her, she sometimes refuses to do THAT dastardly deed. In rainy weather, I've seen her suffer for two days, rather than hunker in the wet. After a couple days, though, she usually catches a dry spell, OR gives up and wisely lets desperation overrule stubbornness.

Though not diabetic, she DRINKS more water than a full frat house on Sunday morning. She also will veer into any puddle of water she sees, like some two-year-old kid. Why she hates to pee in wet grass, but will trot through a mud-puddle, I have no idea. I suspect it's a control issue. One thing's for sure; she's a piece a' work! Copyright 2015


Gail said...

My Lizzy avoids water like the plague.

Vicki said...

Dogs are so funny what with their little personality quirks. I had a spaniel who loved to swim so much that I would tie a long rope to his harness, let him go swim in the river and when I got tired, I would reel him in like a fish. He would have stayed there for hours, I think!

Sixbears said...

Brownie the sailor dog is princess who also hates the rain. Loves boats, hates swimming.

Chickenmom said...

Animals are funny for sure! My flocks hates to get their feet wet on dewy grass or in snow, but make a puddle of water for them in the summer and they fight over it. Need pic of you standing over Mighty Dachshund with an umbrella!

Lon Anderson said...

I suppose we all have our hang-ups.

deborah harvey said...

hi. hope you are both well.
expected a post as this is the weekend?

deborah harvey said...

where are you? hope all is well!
deb h.

Pumice said...

Sounds like a teenager.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Amusing, isn't it, Gail!

Sounds like a good system, Vicki!

Hey, I love boats and CAN'T swim, Sixbears!

I'm surprised my wife doesn't have one, Cm.

I know we do, Lon. Good to hear from you!

It wasn't, dh, but things are a bit better now.

There you have a point, Pumice! lol