Friday, October 23, 2015

Ain’t Nuthin’ Simple No More!

Ever since I got out of the hospital on the 5th, I’ve spent at least a small part of each day shuffling paperwork and/or running said paperwork to one office or another around town. I’m tempted to say that it would have been simpler to have died. However, my wife’s first husband passed away young, and she assures me that his death came with truck-loads of paperwork for her. I AM going to be able to get some help with my medical bills, thank goodness. Some places, though, I didn’t qualify because my life insurance policy has a little bit of cash value! I guess unless you’re already living off the kindness of strangers, the government really just doesn’t want to help you.

Also, one of my brake lights burned out recently. Several good Samaritans and one cop have told me about it. There problem is, with my recent medical problems, I haven’t felt like emptying the back of the truck and removing the bed liner so the little flexible guys at the shop can get to the tail-light. Today, I finally had the energy to empty the bed of tools and such, planning to take out the bed liner. Once empty, however, it became that the liner couldn’t be removed without first removing the tonneau cover. Since it needs removed and resealed already, that means a trip to the place that installed it, and the need to spend some money.

After cleaning out the truckbed, I came in to check Facebook about some things I’m selling. While on Facebook, I read where a woman was complaining about folks who share her posts without “liking” them. Apparently, some folks are offended by that. Personally, I got tired of checking some likes and shares, only to find it’s the same post. That takes up time that I really don’t have. So, I’ve pretty-much let my curiosity go on the “likes” and even some of the shares. I commented on that and the lady told me good-naturedly that I was one of those that did so and annoyed her. She’s a good Christian lady, and many of her posts are religious, but that strikes me as letting your ego get tied in with things. Since I don’t know how many other folks feel that way, I may just cut my reposts way back. That would save time anyway.

If it wasn’t for the increased time that I now have to porch sit, I believe I could let all this kind of stuff get my blood pressure up! © 2015


Gail said...

There are no rules that I know of about reposting. Some people can be uppity. I don't appreciate that. If there's a problem, share with me not with the world. My solution would be never to share any of her stuff again nor read it but I'm not a great Christian, I have many weaknesses and faults.

You are not required to blog, especially if it adds to the discomfort of your condition. Find the people you enjoy talking to, email them and converse back and forth. You can share what ever you want in your email and (supposedly) it is private...Ha! We have to hang onto something.

Your truck seems to be the type of problem I keep having...a simple job often turns into a major head ache! I am learning patience but do not ask for it.

Hang in there. There may be more resources that you are unaware of...I know with Mom's extended stay they took only Dad's income into consideration. They had a personal charity with in the hospital that helped pay/forgive the bills of those less fortunate.

My husband was on a heart transplant list. His heart doctors had given up and sent him to another hospital. With a small change in diet, some exercise and a little weight loss (they said for some reason the magic number is ten pounds no matter your weight) and lots of prayer, his condition was reversed. Not completely but enough that this heart will take him through his life not with medication. He is active, short of breath if he does too much but all and all is living a life he is happy with. Do not lose hope. The paper work is the worst part of all of it.

You and your wife are in my prayers. If you don't want to publish this, that's okay too, since it's kinda personal. If you simply reply to my comment you will have my email and we can converse.


Lady Locust said...

Wow, I s'pose if that is her greatest worry, she should feel blessed indeed. Funny what gets under our skins.

Gorges Smythe said...

Actually, Gail, there are some thoughts here that others might benefit from as well, Thanks.

lol - That's true, LL!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I think some people either do not understand or take time to read their privacy settings on FB. It was designed to share and if you don't want it shared you should either not post it or change settings. It would be like writing a newspaper article and being upset that it was circulated.