Sunday, October 25, 2015

Changes And Updates

It’s been tough trying to cut all the salt out of my diet. The food companies are so good at sneaking it into things that you have to read EVERY label, and you STILL can’t avoid it all. I always had more of a weakness for salt than sugar, especially potato chips, so it takes a concerted effort to keep things in line. I got some salt-free chips today, for the first time in months, and enjoyed them. I really don’t need the starch or the grease either one, though. The flavor in boughten food comes from three sources, salt, sugar and fat. You can be sure that if they cut one, they’ll double up on the others.

When the cardiologist prescribed a couple blood thinners, he warned me about one of them. He said that if I started getting blood in my urine, I should stop taking it and call him. So, you might guess that the blood showed up after business hours on Friday. Guess I’ll call him Monday morning.

It’s been three weeks since I’ve had any income, so I’m back to selling things to buy groceries. Luckily, I have a few things that I actually WANTED to sell, so it’s working out okay. One guy brought his grandson and bought the anvil today. By cutting him a deal, I also got him to take a set of iron wheels and a cattle stanchion. The lawn looks neater, especially since I sold the big grindstone the other day. Less to mow around!

Tomorrow, I have to deliver a Ruger 10/22 that I’m selling. I’m keeping the one with the trigger job that has a two ounce trigger and a 3x9 scope. I guess it’s time to sell my 1860 Army reproduction, though. It’s never been fired, so I may actually get more out of it than I paid for a few years ago.

I’m really enjoying having the time to do some serious porch-sitting. I’d like to get a blanket to wrap up in during cool times, but it makes more sense to just drag out my over-size hoodie. I just prefer a blanket, for some reason.

I’m still having trouble with the cellulitis in my right shin. It keeps getting better, but NOTHING seems to knock it completely. Doc actually had the nurse give me a shot in the bum two days running, in addition to changing me to a high-powered oral antibiotic. I guess time will tell.

It looks like I’ve got another busy week of visiting offices and shuffling papers. I suspect I’ll be doing so the rest of my life. I’d rather be fishing. © 2015


M. Silvius said...

We hardly ever eat out and all I cook at home is from fresh produce from the outside perimeter of the supermarket, nothing from the middle lanes. No pre-made heat and serve packaged junk. Most of that has way too many preservatives with names you can't pronounce and way too much salt. But inevitably age is catching up with us all and most of us have a hard time not putting on some weight. In the end it's all about calories in and calories out. Cutting out salt is not easy. I too have a weakness for it especially potato chips. Cape Cod Kettle Cooked was my weakness. A daily dose with my after work beer had me building a bit of a gut. Last spring I had a bit of a scare and my blood pressure was out of acceptable bounds. The dock wanted to put me on meds and those as you know have all sorts of side effects. I nixed that idea right off. So I made the effort and cut out chips all together and reduced my salt intake by 90%. Also reduced how much food I ate at each meal. I found that if I waited that extra hour after my gut started grumbling for food at noon time and did not eat until 1 pm and ate moderate amounts just enough to kill the hunger but not totally fill me I was burning more calories than I was taking in. That spells weight loss and lower blood pressure. I managed to drop 17 pound in three months and feel much better for it and got my blood pressure numbers back to where they should be.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I do a lot of porch sitting, it is free and relaxing. usually in the evening when I can listen to the sounds from miles around.

Vicki said...

I was in the hospital last winter because of two large, open and infected wounds on each lower leg due to cellulitis. My daughter took pictures while I was waiting to go into surgery to get them cleaned up. Later when I was grumbling about having to wear pressure socks the rest of my life, she whipped out her cell phone and showed me the pictures. Her only words were, "Wear the damn socks, Mother."

I will offer you similar advice. Do what you have to do. I want you around for a long time. You always make me smile with the comments you leave on my blog and I thoroughly enjoy reading yours, my friend.

deborah harvey said...

i hope you have already applied for food stamps. you have certainly paid for them through the years of tax paying.

my daughter was able to get them and it was a savior when the gas was going to 4$ per gallon.
she now has medicaid, thanks to God. don't know how the ends would ever meet if she didn't have it.

Chickenmom said...

It's so hard to stay on a healthy diet, isn't it? Like you, I love the darn chips! The only saving grace is that it is a 10 mile round trip to the nearest deli. A couple of Ritz crackers usually satisfy the salt craving, though.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm not doing as well, Michael. I'm down 10 pounds in three weeks, but I think it's all fluid.

My favorite time, too, SF.

My socks are on back-order, Vicki!

No I haven't, dh, but I'm planning on it.

I guess we all have our methods, Cm! lol

Sixbears said...

Don't be discouraged. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Hard to find healthy food. One of the things I hate is when they quietly change the ingredients in packaged food. Food that once was safe suddenly has something you were avoiding. I spend a lot of time reading labels.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yes, Sixbears, I've noticed that, too.