Friday, November 6, 2015

A Sad Scene, And Blame To Spare

We were headed to the chainsaw shop before they closed this evening. Just after we dropped off our hill and into the holler, the road was blocked by a medium-sized SUV straddling the center line with its driver’s door open. A teen-aged boy stood along the right side of the road with his skateboard. Soon, the driver appeared from a little huddle of folks to the rear of the truck, along the far side of the road. A couple seconds later, a young man and woman began walking from behind the truck, toward the little house about 50 feet from the road. In the woman’s slightly extended arms lay the motionless, slightly flattened-looking body of a little dog. Its little friend danced on its rear legs, as it tried to check on its companion.

The SUV began to pull away, so we moved forward, only to have the teen-ager start to mount his board directly in front of us. With her window down already, my wife couldn’t resist telling the boy that he should stay out of the road. I noticed there was no leash or chain on either the live or dead little dogs.

The story was obvious. The “skater” was moving down the road and the little dog ran out to chase him. The boy really shouldn’t skate in a road with that much traffic, and should be aware of the effect his presence could cause. The driver was probably hurrying home from work, paying little attention to animals running loose in people’s yards. A driver should ALWAYS be on the lookout for kids and animals. The dog owners obviously weren’t responsible enough to keep their dogs restrained, either for the sake of passers-by, or for the safety of their animals. People who live that close to a road should NEVER let their animals run loose.

Due to four irresponsible people, a little dog lies dead. I feel bad for the dead dog and for its little friend who will mourn his passing. I find it much harder to feel sympathy for any upset felt by the people involved; they ALL should have known better. © 2015


Pumice said...

And I thought all the idiots were in California.

Grace and peace.

Gail said...

So true. We are supposed to keep those safe who can not do that themselves.

HermitJim said...

Common sense seems to be in short supply when it comes to the safety of animals and, in some cases, children.

It's always sad to see something like this happen.

Gorges Smythe said...

I wish they were, Pumice.

Well said, Gail.

You're right, Jim; some folks are just as irresponsible with their kids.