Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Visit To The Tire Shop

Despite being a month earlier than usual, I had my studded tires put on today. In part, it was because we had snow on this day last year. It was also because I know that I would have trouble putting chains on the truck with my ticker troubles. Considering that I’m going to the Toyota dealership tomorrow to get the 4WD fixed, I figured it was time to put the studs on anyway.

Incidentally, there’s a short story behind the 4WD going out. The guys at the dealership had to remove the skid-plate every time they changed the oil filter. Not surprisingly, they soon had two of four bolt-holes stripped out. Since I don’t go mudding, I told them to just heave the skid-plate. As fate would have it, I apparently had an unseen piece of steel on the highway flip up and put a dent in the front cross-member and crack the cover on the front of the block. Exactly WHEN that happened, I don’t know, but the electronics that kick in the front hubs were under that cover, so the drive to the front tires quit working. Had the skid-plate been in place, it wouldn’t have happened.

When I got to the tire shop, they couldn’t find a couple of my tires at first. After I’d sat around a half-hour, they found them in an out-of-sequence storage slot. Not too much later, the service guy came to the waiting area and asked me to go with him. In the mounting/dismounting area they showed me a skinny, shiny (but probably antique) box-style cut nail they’d missed seeing when they dismounted the tires last fall. Of course, it couldn’t be down in the tread area, where the tire could be patched. No, it had to be within nearly an inch of the bead. They said law prevented them from remounting it. I assume they’re telling me the truth, so I ordered a new one. It’s supposed to be in tomorrow but, until then, I’m riding on three studded tires.

Once again, I made use of some of my time waiting by going around and picking up wheel weights that were stuck in the seams of the concrete and didn’t hose loose when the lot was cleaned. I probably got enough for a couple dozen .50 caliber round balls. I also go ahead and pick up the weights that I suspect are actually zinc. I’m not sure why; they melt at a temperature 200-300 higher than lead. I can skim them off the top with the dross, I guess.

I expect to be at the dealer’s until about noon tomorrow. If the new tire makes it in, I really should go have it put on. I guess I’ll see what happens. © 2015


Ralph Goff said...

More expense you didn't need. A little strange the service guys managed to strip the threads on those bolts so easily. A little careless with the air wrench maybe. Plus Toyota should have designed it a little better for changing the oil filter.

deborah harvey said...

we are not that far from you-- youngstown. snow for saturday.

Gail said...

I saw a neat seat/ottoman made from an old tire. Plywood, top and bottom and the entire thing wrapped in rope...probably costs more than a foot stool but it was a great idea. No tipping over this piece!

I have a bucket of lead weights too.

Have a great day.

deborah harvey said...

snow in n e ohio saturday

Lady Locust said...

Sometimes, I think they have some sort of lotto or competition to see how many times they can get a person to come back in. Last year, I ended up at the tire shop 3 times in one day (w/ 2 rigs.) You probably should get that 4th studded if you're supposed to have snow Sat.

Gorges Smythe said...

Agreed on all counts, Ralph!

BAH! HUMBUG! That's what I think of that, dh! lol

That would be different, Gail. If times get close, you could always sell the weights if you don't use them.

I'll get it tomorrow, if it comes in early enough, LL.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I know so little about tires but I dont think we are allowed to have studded tires here. We're getting snow Saturday too but I don't believe it will stick to the roads, I hope not. I have to have my car in too because it sort of vibrates when I hit highway speed. One tire shop balanced my tires (free) and it helped a bit but then it started again. My husband thinks it's tire related still and my need rotation.

Chickenmom said...

Blew ALL the break lines on my Jeepster - will have to wait to get her fixed. At least we have Hubby's jeep and the pick-up. But I miss MINE!

Gorges Smythe said...

Have they checked the alignment, Kathy?

No-one likes doing without their wheels, Cm.