Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day Trip, Waste, And A Disappointment

I finally got my first sick-pay check this week, plus, I sold a few things. As a result, I was able to take the missus on a jaunt to Amish country in Ohio. I think we both had an equally good time today, even though I didn’t do anything but keep the dog company and read a Backwoodsman magazine. It was a nice drive up and back and my wife managed to visit the places that she likes the best. Now that she’s older and wiser, she doesn’t try to visit every place possible, but takes her time instead. She even stopped back at the truck a couple times to rest her feet and visit with me and the Mighty Dachshund.

We had a nice lunch at Der Dutchman in Walnut Creek, though my food choices were slightly different than they were before my recent diagnosis. I think part of the allure of Amish country for us is that we remember when a few folks still farmed with horses, including my wife’s father. It’s like a return to our childhood, I guess.

A lot of the local farmers are Mennonite, though, instead of Amish, and they use tractors and such. They use herbicides, too, I think. I saw some specimens of weeds in some fields that could normally be used, or even sold, as medicinal herbs. However, I wouldn’t feel safe using herbs that came from a field that had been sprayed with herbicides and other chemicals. It seems like a waste to me that such volunteer plants are thus made unusable. It sort of made me think about the wisdom of eating food crops from that same ground.

That waste reminded me of an electric motor I’d squandered recently. (Don’t ask me why my mind made that connection.) I trashed the old ceiling fan in the kitchen last month, when the blades became cracked and unusable. Only AFTER the trash men had come did I realize that I shouldn’t have parted with an electric motor, especially one that had three speeds. I’d been thinking of making a sifter for cleaning woods dirt for my garden, and here I’d thrown away the perfect vibrator motor. “Too soon old and too late smart,” the “Pennsylvania Dutch” are reputed to say.

Coming home and checking the mail box, I got a letter from the state that says since I’m now getting $200 a week in sick pay, I’ll lose my medical card and all but $16 of the SNAP benefits I’d just been granted. No more visits to either my regular doctor or my heart doctor, I guess. I’m just too rich to afford them, along with the blood-thinner that will cost me $360 a month without the medical card.

Oh well, we had a good day, today. The b_st_rds can’t take THAT away from us! © 2015


deborah harvey said...

get your doc to write to the blood thinner maker.
they sometimes give meds to those in need.
my daughter got her relpax for migraines this way.
the meds are sent to the doc's office and you pick them up there.

deborah harvey said...

ask doc if meds can be got as donation from maker.
daughter got hers this way. meds are delivered to doc and you pick them up.

Chickenmom said...

Glad you two had a nice outing! Worth writing a letter to the maker of your meds. Lots of companies offer discounts.

Sixbears said...

I hope you find a good health care solution. Remember, you are worth it.

Gail said...

A good day is a good day.

I use the metal parts that hold blades on a ceiling fan as a rather elegant curtain tie pack. Holds the curtain well.

My aunt was renting a place in the middle of old cotton farm land. Many chemicals used then hopefully are not used now. Mom was peeling potatoes and the presence of strychnine was very evident. Needless to say Aunt Chloe's garden was a bust that year and she moved shortly afterward.

I wish you improved and abundant care. I may be out of line but I fear O is pushing us all into the grave.

Gail said...

Some drug company help people who are having trouble paying for some meds. My sister gets two directly from the company. Couldn't hurt to check.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

As much as the govt says they want to make things better, anything they do had a bad effect on the outcome. Medicine has climbed through the roof. One of mine is $500/month if you don't have insurance. Unless you make a great deal of money, you can't afford that when you're sick. Maybe the drug company can work with you or a local organization that can help with medical costs. Do you have a St Vincent DePaul near you? You might call around to the nearest one to see if they can help.

JMD said...

Holding good thoughts and prayers for you. Hold on!

Gorges Smythe said...

They gave me a number to call, dh. I'll see what happens.

I'll be finding out, Cm.

Your right, Sixbears - me and Cybill Shepherd! lol

Thanks, Gail, and you're right about "O."

We don't have one of those, Kathy, but the nurse gave me a two-month supply of samples. That will help until I figure something out.

Thanks, JMD!