Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Grumps, Gripes and Updates

I got my first sick-pay check today. It was for three weeks, so it was for an amount similar to what I’d get for a busy week at work. From here on out, the checks will be weekly, so they won’t be very big, but they’ll still be better than the zero’s I’ve been receiving. This past month, we’ve bought groceries and gas on money from selling personal items that we’d planned on selling anyway. I’d applied for food stamps, and was going to get some, but I figure I won’t get them, since I’m drawing sick pay now. I’ll try to find out tomorrow. I’ve decided to apply for disability, but have no idea if I’ll get it. If I do, it will pay about 40% more than early retirement, which I was going to go for in a couple years. Either way, I may have to get some piddly little job to make ends meet. I doubt if I’ll be able to keep my CDL after having A-Fib.

My checks are mailed to the shop for some reason, so I’ll have to pick them up there. I find it telling that I’ve not received one card or phone call from anyone at the company to see how I’m doing. I’ve gotten none from the two neighborhood churches where I used to attend, either, though I know I’m on the prayer list at one. I realize that my wife and I are a bit reclusive, but not to THAT degree. Maybe I’ve somehow just made enemies of them all over the years.

I stopped by my doctor’s office today and found that my urinalysis and blood-work both came back “perfect,” according to the nurse. A week ago, I peed what looked like straight blood a couple times, so I quit taking the blood-thinner, but stayed with an aspirin or two a day. She told me to drop the aspirin and go back on the thinner and see what happens.

I’m finding that I’m beginning to miss driving truck. You might guess that I’d be four years on a job I hated (telemarketing), but only a little over a year on one I like. I suppose the Lord has His reasons, though, so I should quit grumping and try to figure out they are.

My stepson and his wife, and her little granddaughter, came out for a visit yesterday and my wife and I really enjoyed seeing them. The little girl is a sweetie. Knowing her mother and grandma, I think it must be genetic.

We had a busy day, after a couple laid-back ones, and I’m feeling tired. The evening is half over, so I think I’ll join my wife and the dog and go nap in front of the TV. Sorry if I seem unsociable. © 2015


Sixbears said...

No need to apologize for the way you feel. You come by it honestly.

Your sick leave is small enough that you still might get food stamps. Don't give up on that yet.

I couldn't drive at all due to illness for 3 years yet somehow they never pulled my CDL. I couldn't even drive a car at that point in life. Passing out cold at random doesn't make for good driving. The state quickly said I couldn't work driving fire trucks, but somehow they never thought to take my license. I ended up letting it go anyway. At least I got to keep my operator and motorcycle licenses.

Don't lose heart. Remember, in the end you are the only one responsible for your recovery.

An At Home Daughter said...

If you are unsociable I don't think you would have a blog with 214 followers. Sorry you can't drive. My Dad is a truck driver. I don't know what he would do if he wasn't allowed to drive a truck anymore.

Lady Locust said...

You know sometimes Blogville brings an element of comfort knowing that somewhere out there folks care. Know we care Gorges.

deborah harvey said...

keep at the food stamps. every little bit helps. many on disability still qualify for them.
we love you!

Vicki said...

Go ahead and grump all you want. You have earned it. And you have listened to me grump often enough and have always had an encouraging word for me. The very least I can do is return the favor. Hang in there, my friend. Lots of people care about you. Praying.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Sixbears.

Thank you, AAHD.

You're right on that, LL.

I will, dh.

Thanks, Vicki, and bless you.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I hope everything will work out OK for you. I don't know if they have anything like this where you are but we have a food pantry here that people can use at no charge. Maybe one of your churches or organizations has one, they sometimes have other things besides food too.

Gary in Bama said...

I wish you luck. I hope you can get food stamps it will help. On the disability it will be a long wait but don't take NO, appeal till it comes through . Now is the time to get the house and finances in order while you have the sick pay. A cdl is usually only revoked for diabetes, eye's and seiesure.

Gorges Smythe said...

Kathy, our food panties are running out of food ans kids are going hungry. Things around hereb are that bad.

Thanks, Gary.