Friday, November 20, 2015

Muslim Database Backlash Bull Pucky

We’ve all heard of Trump’s “muslim database” by this time. Of course, the media is going ape, and is trying to convince us that every red-blooded American is doing the same. Naturally, only flaming liberals are believed by them to have red blood. Most conservatives are probably like myself, slightly uncomfortable with the idea, but realistic enough to believe that it might be for the best.

The liberals remind us that we’re supposed to have religious freedom in this country, and they’re correct. Still, the holy books of Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians nor Jews require them to murder the citizens and overthrow the governments of nations not in line with their theology. That makes them the opposite of islam. It also doesn’t acknowledge that islam is a form of government FIRST, like republicanism, democracy, socialism, fascism, monarchy, etc. and a religion SECOND. Even then, it may hide in its religious disguise primarily to achieve its political goals. Besides, our government already has a Christian database, a conservative database and a constitutionalist database believed by Kool-Aid drinkers and unicorns to be made up of dangerous, un-American enemies of the republic (thanks to Obama).

I heard one “news-person” and a couple celebrities (Who could be more qualified to comment than a celebrity?) say that registering muslims would be exactly like the Nazis registering Jews. On the surface, that sounds true, but let’s think about it. Back in Hitler’s day, Jews were not killing innocent men, women and children. They were not beheading anyone, executing others for simply not being Jewish, or blowing up any buildings or busses. The Jews were, in fact, behaving in a very civilized manner, completely unlike the muslims that we see daily on the news.

I know it seems unfair to non-violent muslims to be lumped in with the murderers, but let’s face it, the only reason those muslims are non-violent is either because they’re sniveling cowards, OR because they are NOT doing what their holy book DEMANDS that they do!

All-in-all, I’m beginning to think that a muslim database might not be so bad. © 2015


deborah harvey said...

it is an excellent idea.

especially as so many are presently illegal and otherwise undocumented.
any who are truly peace loving are afraid to say so, as the radicals would subject the peace lovers and their families to the same horrifying tortures to which they subject 'unbelievers'.
those 'good' moslems are afraid with good reason. it is impossible to tell one kind from the other unless one is able to read minds.
so.. a database is best.

Gail said...

Wars have continued for thousands of years in the name of religion. I see a slow end to that, hopefully, but our primary "job" is to keep Americans safe. I wonder how the ones against this would react when a love one was lost in the "safe" land where we can speak freely. Would they hang onto their outrage for injustices to others then?

Have a blessed weekend.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

GPS them maybe?

Gorges Smythe said...

Why not, dh? No doubt we're already on one! lol

Gail, I'm afraid reality has nothing to do with this.

That would be a lot of ankle bracelets, Kathy! lol Then again, maybe this will be the excuse they need to "chip" us all.