Monday, November 23, 2015

Recent Observations And Ruminations – Part One

It’s cold here, now. It had been running a little warm for this time of year, but it got down to 36 the night before last and 19 last night. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but there’s a near-constant breeze that cuts right through me. I couldn’t handle wind even as a kid. It gave me earaches, which often led to colds and sinus infections. Now that I’m older and my circulation isn’t what it used to be, I find that even cold by itself is a bit harder to handle. I think that I notice it more, too, since I’ve been limiting my water and food a little, due to my CHF and A-Fib. There are chores and hobbies outside that I want to do, but those will have to wait for warmer days.

Even though I haven’t quite made it down to 400 yet (from 429), the swelling in my feet and legs is mostly gone. I can comfortably wear socks again, just in time for this winter. I seem to have reached a plateau at 402-404 that I haven’t been able to break. This morning, I hit 401, though, so maybe there’s hope yet.

I’ve recently begun using the electric carts at Wally World and Kroger’s. I’d gotten to where I’d just give my wife the money and wait in the truck. Sometimes I’d read and, sometimes, I’d use my laptop. A lot of places are cheapening or tightening controls on their Wi-Fi, though, so I was more and more limited to just writing articles to post, as opposed to going online to check Facebook, my blog, or email. The last few weeks, I’ve just been trying to find a cart and meander around the store while the missus did the actual shopping. It’s been enjoyable to wander the aisles again, after so long away from it. The luster is starting to wear off a bit, though. I find myself now watching for folks that need a cart worse than I do, or sometimes just napping in the truck, after I tire a bit.

I know that some folks using the carts can be really rude and feel entitled to the right-of-way at all times. However, I’ve also noticed even more, how rude and inconsiderate people in general are these days. Women and kids seem to be the worst at requiring the whole aisle, though. They’ll have their buggy on one side of the aisle while they stand on the other side and look at something forever and a day. Usually, I’ll just pull close enough that it becomes obvious that I’m wanting through, and they EVENTUALLY move. Occasionally, I’ll say “excuse me,” hoping they’ll be polite in return. Sometimes, they are. Other times, they’ll snap at me that they’ll just be a minute and continue to block the aisle. I used to just turn and leave, often coming in the aisle from the other end. Quite often, those same people would then change positions, trying to keep me from even entering the aisle. I used to either just wait them out or shake my head and leave. Anymore, I get rather nasty and when they refuse to move the first time, I just tell them that you can always tell the people who were raised by wolves. Then I leave. Just for the record, I’ll say it to the big hairy guys, too, not just the women and kids. I guess that’s not very Christian, but, sometimes, I wonder where turning the other cheek ends and casting your pearls before swine begins. © 2015


deborah harvey said...

it is not un-Christian to make a correction. you don't seem to be strident just giving a warning.
now i've seen people block the aisles but never to try to move so they block it on purpose from both ends.
that is incredible rudeness.
i think you have received 'microaggressions', or maybe 'macroaggressions'!
God bless you.
losing weight is always accompanied by plateaus. persist and you will get over the bumps.

Vicki said...

I wonder if it isn't a sign of the times that people are more rude than they used to be. I don't get out much so I don't see it in the stores, but I really notice it online. I read a news story or opinion piece and then read the comments that follow. It doesn't seem to take long before they disintegrate into name calling and the use of four letter words. Sad, really.

Good for you on the weight loss. It takes time. This is me, here in Minnesota, cheering you on. :)

Sixbears said...

Congratulations on losing some weight. It's hard. I'm back at it myself.

I think there is a whole lot less civility in life today. Just look at the level of rudeness in political discourse. That has got to filter down to day to day life. Whatever happened to being able to disagree without becoming disagreeable?

Chickenmom said...

Keep up the good work, Gorges! It is so hard to loose weight especially when its difficult to move around a lot. We are all rootin' for 'ya!

Lady Locust said...

Don't belittle your progress. Next time you are in the store, pick up a 25 lb. bag of dog food or flour just to feel how much less you are packing around. Keep at it ~ you are going in the right direction.
Also, as far as the women and children go, that's when you speak directly to the children saying, "You poor children, you'll have to find someone other than your mother to teach you about common curtesy." They might not get it, but the mother sure will.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, dh.

Thanks, Vicki.

Thanks, Sixbears. I'm afraid chivalry in all forms is dead.

Thanks, Cm.

Good idea, LL!