Friday, November 27, 2015

This, That And T’uther

We ate Thanksgiving dinner with “the kids” yesterday. That means my stepson and his wife. There were three of our five grandchildren there, so that made it even better. It seems to me that the youngest (age 8) is even more “huggy” and clingy than she was before my hospital visit. She doesn’t get a lot of physical affection from either parent, but I believe her dad does better than her mom on that, as her mother, a former druggie, is extremely self-absorbed. So her grandparents, and one “shack-up” grandfather have always supplied the bulk of that. Sadly, she lost the other grandmother and the shack-up in the last couple years. I think she’s afraid that she might lose one of us next and is understandably insecure about it. I lament her insecurity, but it does have the one positive effect of making me feel more like a grandpa than ever before. I missed all that with the others, considering that I sort of inherited them all.

Today, my stepson brought HIS stepson out to go deer hunting. Like all of us, my stepson is a long way from perfect, but he does extremely well at treating his step-children as his own. I’m proud of him. Being only 15, I figured that he doesn’t have a lot of money to spare, so I gave him a box of 550 .22 shells that I found in the basement the other day. I’m sure that my stepson keeps him supplied with all he needs, but the boy seemed to appreciate them, anyway.

I learned Wednesday that the neighbor who bought a lot from me and built a house 20 years ago, is planning to sell out and move to the mountains. I don’t know his reasons, but they could be several. He’s been a good guy and a good neighbor. I hope that the next one is as good.

I also learned that I won’t be able to sell a back corner of land to one of the young men who hunts it. It turns out that the neighbor from whom he’d have to buy a right-of-way doesn’t have a good enough one himself to allow for any increase of traffic. I’d hoped to have that option to raise funds to live on until retirement, if I don’t get disability.

We have a severe shortage of places to store things in our house, so I’ve been looking at various options. I found a place that is dry, except at times with extremely heavy winds with heavy rain, then it leaks slightly. Eventually, I’ll get the money saved to have a professional figure it out but, until then, I’ve learned that 550 .22 shells fits in the plastic jars that I buy fruit in t the store. Since that makes them water-proof, I’ll be storing some there until the leak is fixed. They may even stay there afterwards. It would be nice if I could use the same size jars to store shotgun shells, but they only hold 20, and the few old boxes of shells that I have left are 25’s.

I’m getting to where I don’t have many guns or boxes of ammo left. I’ve sold most of my guns and given away most of the ammo. I’ll never use most of it, so why hoard it; let some folks have some fun (or save it for the uprising to come).

Well, my wife is complaining about forgetting what I look like, so I guess I’d better quit typing and go spend some quality time with her and the pooch. © 2015


Crystal Mary said...

Smile from me... your Thanksgiving sounded nice. That little girl who needed hugs - I found so sad. I cannot imagine a mother not shelling out love to her offspring. Ray didn't get much in his life before me, so I am always hugging and kissing him....OR, creeping up behind him and yelling, "Got Yu!"... and hugging him tight.. Teasing him I won't let go.
Yep - why hoard what you don't need, its just clutter and will be there when we are long gone. Keep well...enjoy quality family times. And God Bless you.

Vicki said...

That's what we grandparents do best...give lots of hugs and attention. Good on you, Gorges, for supplying what that child needs - unconditional love.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks. And I'm sure Ray is doing much better than he did without you, Crystal.

Thanks, Vicki.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Sounds like a nice time, the weather was good this year though they say rain tomorrow and more on Monday. Can you imagine getting 550 22s back when we were kids? A box of 50 was a big deal to me and I made them last. I would use shorts because they were cheaper. Not long until Christmas, we are not doing much spending this year since we have entered the next recession even though the state media won't admit it.

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, SF, a box of 50 was my limit for a few years, too, though I never used shorts.

Pumice said...

The hugging sounds like a win/win. Enjoy it while you can.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Very true, Pumice. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.