Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rain And Other Things

It rained here fore most of 72 hours, but it finally stopped yesterday. Sometimes, it was a mist so fine that you could barely feel it on your skin. Other times, the rain was heavy. Mostly, it was just a nice gentle, steady rain.

I don't curse the rain as some folks do. That comes from being raised on a farm, and understanding the consequences of dry weather. In fact, I rather enjoy a SHORT stint of rainy weather. I'm reminded of sitting on the porch of our farmhouse, or the hay in our barn, or the skids in our old sawmill shed and listening to the patter of rain on shingles or tin. I especially enjoyed the sound of the rain on the leaves of the surrounding trees. The fact that rain put a temporary hold on some of the more onerous tasks around the farm may also have sweetened my pleasure at the falling droplets.

My wife is generally the opposite. Like the blossom of a four o'clock, she closes up and withdraws when the sun isn't shining. Needless to say, she's been a bit down these last three days, while I've while I've been as happy as a duck. Don't ask either one of us what we think of being snowed in after the second day, though! Incidentally, there were a few snowflakes last nigh, for the second time this fall.

I recently sold my collection of 14 Ames belt buckles that came as safety prizes from the shovel factory where I used to work. I had no sentimental attachment to the company. They were, after all, the folks who closed us down and move the bulk of the work to China. The remainder, they sent to Pennsylvania, where the work is done by Mexicans. I see the buckles priced at $15-20 on eBay, though I don't know what they actually bring. I only got $4 for mine, and only then because they came with a nice walnut display case. Oh well, It's one less piece of clutter in the house and a few more groceries in the kitchen.

I can't remember if I've already mentioned that my cruise doesn't work on my truck, but it doesn't, And that after spending over $500 that I thought would also restore the cruise. It's supposedly going to require an additional $400 that I don't have to fix the it. I guess I'll continue doing without cruise for a while. I just wonder what all will go when the spiral cable goes (the supposed culprit).

I drug a couple boxes of gun parts out of the basement to inventory and photograph today. I have enough parts to build a cherry full-stock flintlock, and a maple half-stock percussion. The guru has already spoken for the flintlock. I hope I can sell the other one, too. I need to start saving a few hundred dollars for April 15, as Obama is going to tax me for being too poor to get insurance on my wife. So far, the tax is still cheaper than any insurance I  can find.

I found that I had a few muzzle-loading accoutrements that I'd forgotten about, plus I came across some others that I had misplaced. I'm glad I found them, as I plan on keeping the old Thompson Center Renegade that I had bored out to a .54 smoothbore. I think a small caliber smoothbore is the best single gun to have after a .22 rifle. Flintlock would be best, but mine's percussion. Then again, I'll probably never part with my old 12 gauge ribbed, Iver Johnson, either. It must be what poetry would feel like if such a thing was made from steel and walnut.

I hope that I have time to rummage around the basement a little more tomorrow. There are a couple things that I want to throw in with the flintlock when I find them. The guru's done me a lot of favors over the years, so I want to be generous with him. © 2015


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I like a nice gentle rainy day if it is warm and we can sit on the covered porch.

Ralph Goff said...

After the past five or more wet years I have actually cursed the rain. Acres of lost farm land due to flooding has worn my patience I guess.
Cruise control I can and do live without but maybe it is an advantage for long hours of highway cruising at high speed. Actually I have a vehicle with (I think) working cruise control but I never remember to use it.

deborah harvey said...

terrible about being too poor to affords insurance and then being punished for the poverty that the gov't. caused by making it better for businesses to close here and move to alien shores.
when the foretold comes, the justice will be handed out.

Chickenmom said...

I don't mind the gentle rain, either. But a couple days of it bring MUD! Glad you are finding treasures. Always amazed at what's uncovered in long forgotten boxes.

Gail said...

Our grandson who had insurance until his birthday is still without. He has no income, a senior this year in high school, but Pending is all I get in answer. When I asked about the fine for not having...they said ask a tax person. There's nothing I can do. He is not legally our charge but we have always paid his way and he has lived with us. I am stymied...and will be punished for the dragging of other's feet.

Have a blessed day.

Pumice said...

There are times when I wish I could stop by and help you rummage through your basement. My wife would never let it happen because I might bring something home. Be careful on the stairs.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

One of my favorite things, too, Kathy.

Ralph, one of Dad's old army buddies once told him that the land around his home in Dola, Ohio dropped an inch a mile and asked if there were drainage problems in our area. Dad told "yes indeed, it all drains off the hills and into the hollers!"

Amen, dh!

Yeah, and like they say, Cm, the older I get, the more often I can enjoy finding things all over again.

It's all a Fascist plot anyway, Gail; no joke.

Wives are like that, Pumice, and thanks.