Monday, December 14, 2015

This Morning

I only slept 'til six this morning. Considering that I didn't get to sleep until after midnight and took the dog out at three, that's not enough for this old geezer. I took the pooch out again at six and then got on the computer, since the missus turned the TV up to watch the morning news. At 8:30, I took the pooch out again and we sat on the porch for a half-hour or so. You could tell a rain was coming from the clouds and the way the far-away trains sounded so near.

Later, I picked up a couple tarps the wind got ahold of the other day. After refolding them, I stashed them where they should be safe from the coming predicted gusts. I went down to my compost pile and added the last of the jugs of "night water" stored there. The pile of leaves that started out four feet tall, now measures only about ONE foot. By planting time next spring, it should be usable, especially if I give it a stirring this winter. Now that I'm sleeping downstairs, only about 16 feet from the throne, there will be no more such jugs.

I was on the porch again with the pooch when the meter man came to read the electric meter on the corner of the house. The Mighty Dachshund made sure that he didn't sneak in the drive-way, step out of his truck or step up on the porch unnoticed. I told him not to worry, that I had a firm hold on "Killer," (with her big mouth and wagging tail). He laughed and wished me a merry Christmas.

I took one of the two big firewood cuts from under the big white oak in the front yard and put it down near the compost pile. That way, I can have a seat when I'm tinkering down there, or play out before I make a full round of the lawn. I've decided to have several in strategic spots, so I have a ready rest if I get tired or winded when I'm outside. I figure it will require one in each corner of the yard and four on the trail between the house and the bench of the hill down behind the house. I don't go there often anymore, but it's a long haul back up when I do.

As is my custom, I sat on the edge of the front porch to trim my toe-nails. I'll miss that spot, if we ever get the front porch screened, like we hope. After that, I sat in the swing again for a while. The wind was picking up as my wife opened the door beside me and chatted from the doorway. Slowly, the rain began, the drops kept getting bigger and the wind gained speed. Finally, I was getting soaked, despite sitting about six feet alee of the west end of the porch. In fact, my wife was also getting wet, standing in the doorway, five feet further down the side of the house, even though the porch is six feet wide.

That ended my time outdoors, so I got on the computer a while and my wife watched a soap opera. It had quit raining by the time we came back from town this afternoon, but it was cooler and still breezy, so I just let the dog do her things and we both headed indoors. © 2015


Sunnybrook Farm said...

It was mostly misty today with some showers, it could be snow if we get some cold come over the rain from the south but it seems to either be rain and warm or cold and dry so far.

Gorges Smythe said...

So far, so good then!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Rain here yesterday and on and off all day today. This morning the temperature wasn't too bad despite the rain but by the time I left work it was cold.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's coming, Kathy. I know it is, but I don't look forward to it.

Chickenmom said...

Tree stumps really do come in handy - we have several 'sitting spots' scattered around the yard and the coop! It's been so warm here, the robins have come back - saw many flocks of them this morning. Wacky weather, for sure.

Gorges Smythe said...

It'll catch up with us eventually, Cm!