Friday, January 29, 2016

Acesulfame Potassium Anyone? Drink Lipton Green Tea!

I drink water most of the time when I’m thirsty—bottled water, since I can’t easily get to the single spring located on my property. (Those who get all self-righteous and rage against bottled water are welcome to bite their tongues.) Still, I like to sip something with a little flavor once in a while. I try to avoid artificial sweeteners, and I no longer drink alcohol (for purely practical reasons, not moral ones). I will drink sweet tea and fruit drinks, if not overpowered by TOO MUCH sugar, but I DO like my sweet tea to be sweet.

As a matter of convenience, we drink a lot of Lipton green tea (citrus). I realize that it’s sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, though, so I try not to over-indulge with it. Needless to say, I DON’T get the diet version. And, while I’m a label reader, I’m so used to seeing our processed food and drink loaded with chemicals that I don’t worry too much about it unless it’s something that I use a lot.

Today, though, I made a mistake—I re-read the label on the stuff. It said that it had only 100 calories. THAT certainly threw up a red flag! A bottle that size should have at least 175 calories and maybe up to 250. I KNEW there had to be an artificial sweetener in the corn-pile somewhere. The only chemical name that I didn’t recognize was acesulfame potassium. When I searched it on the internet, sure enough, it’s an artificial sweetener. Here I thought I was being slowly killed only by poison corn syrup, only to learn that they’re trying to do me in with a carcinogenic chemical, as well. Having to restrict my fluids, due to my CHF is bad enough; limiting myself more and more to only water is a real drag. Still, I guess I’ll be drinking less of Lipton’s green tea, in part because I get peeved being deliberately misled. © 2016


M. Silvius said...

Make your own sweet tea. Ditch the sugar and the artificial sweeteners, use AGAVE, 100% natural low glycemic, twice as sweet half the calories. Available at your local Wallyworld.

Gail said...

There is little safe anymore.

Tewshooz said...

Absolutely, make your own. You can use stevia, too, for sweetener...just read the label to make sure it is pure. No calories.

deborah harvey said...

you don't have to boil water to make tea.
use your tea bottle well washed put in water and agave or stevia or a mix and let it sit.
or, just put the tea bag and sweetener in the bottled water.
some people hasten the process by making sun tea-- set it in the sun for a while. but i just leave it overnight.
way cheaper than buying tea premade.

i never use the lipton bottled tea because the ;list of chemicals is enormous.

husband is diabetic and daughter is hypoglycemic so agave nectar and stevia are kept on hand. you can grow your own stevia but we haven't tried it yet.

Gorges Smythe said...

Michael, I've never tried agave, but perhaps I should.

Sad but true, Gail.

I've tried it, Tewshooz, but it seemed to me like it had a bitter after-taste.

I should try that, dh.

deborah harvey said...

you used too much stevia for the bitter.
try a drop or two of stevia and a spoon of sugar or agave.
daughter says it increases sweetness.

deborah harvey said...

post script; agave runs straight through me so try it carefully at first. rest of family has no problem.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks for the info, dh!

byGeorge said...

Never bought the first bottled tea. Way too expensive vs tea bags, not counting the 'killing' additives. Have had a Stevia plant for 6 years , although it is an annual; I bring it inside before the first frost and put outside when chance of frost is over. Grows lushly outside Pick and dry the leaves, crush to powder. Perfect. also, one can soon like the taste of tea unsweetened vs sugared; brings off the pounds too. Water is GOOD - goes straight into the system whereas any other fluid has to process through the body as food does. Holistic is my srand.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Could you use honey? I don't drink tea sweetened so not sure, or maybe you would need to heat it for the honey to dissolve. I am pretty much limited to water as well and it does get boring at times. I drink juice (grape, cranberry) for breakfast. I have to avoid carbonation and caffeine. I tried decaf tea and it was OK but I have to heat it and have plenty of ice.

Gorges Smythe said...

Don't be offended, bG, but I prefer water to unsweetened tea.

I've never cared for honey in hot tea, Kathy, but it might work in cold.