Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Working a few minutes at a time and resting for a spell in between, I finally got the truck cleaned off and cleaned around by 4 o'clock. I surprised my wife when I came in the house and asked her if she wanted to take a jaunt to town. She was more than ready, and so was the pooch. Just two days of confinement and we were all a bit batty.

I had no trouble getting out of the drive-way in 4-wheel drive, and the roads had all been graded. We took the longer loop in and went to the farthest McDonald's where I got a McChicken and a medium fry, my wife got their dollar special on the fish sandwich and a medium coke, and we got the pooch a double cheese-burger plain. The quality was as low as the price, but we were in seventh heaven, having a bite to eat sitting along a busy six-lane near the mall, watching the traffic go by. Hey, I wouldn't want to be there all the time, but it beat television!

The weather turned bad as we finished our food, so we headed back home the short way. Strange how welcome a sight the house was when we turned in the drive-way. Humans are strange animals. 

copyright 2016


Chickenmom said...

As nice as it is to get away for a bit, it's always good to be home!

Lady Locust said...

It's supposed to be 60 degrees here by Mon. So weird!

Gorges Smythe said...

So true, Cm.

It's been a strange winter to begin with, LL, and now we're heading for March. I guess we should expect anything. I was reading an entry in my grandmother's journal last night that mentioned frost in mid-May here in 1976. That was a bit unusual, too.