Sunday, February 7, 2016

Updates, Prayers And Other Stuff

The insurance company that handles my Medicaid recently insisted on being given the opportunity to say yea or nay on my Eliquis (blood thinner), after I'd already been taking it for nearly four months. They've been “considering” it now for over a couple weeks, I'd guess. Mind you, you're not supposed to quit taking the stuff once you start, or you could be more likely to have a stroke or heart attack. They're also now dragging their feet on okaying the stress test that is required before the doc sticks a a defib unit in me. The implant date has now had to be moved off a couple weeks I'm beginning to wonder if the insurance company is trying to give me time to croak, so they won't have to pay out any more money. Luckily, my regular MD gave me a month's worth of Eliquis samples, and will probably give me more, if needed.

I sold some sawmill parts to a fellow the other day who plans to finish the mill I'd started several years ago, before my elderly welder/mechanic up and died on me. Before the guy left, he began to witness to me about the Lord. I told him that I was already saved, but that I knew the Lord would bless him for his efforts. We talked a few minutes, and it turns out that we both have been hit with some real problems lately. I suggested that we start praying for one another and he agreed. For some reason, I didn't remember to pray with him right then and there. I hate it when I miss an opportunity like that! Regardless, I hope a few of you will join me in praying for Richard. I don't know his last name, but the Lord does.

The stink bugs are really bad here this year. I just trapped another one in a plastic bottle and “capped” him. They don't get a chance to loose their stink that way, if you're careful.

I'd mentioned that my main computer has gone nuts. It won't let me reset it to an earlier day, and one by one the functions are ceasing to work. The guru has offered to take a look at it, but can't promise anything, of course. I have to wonder if Windows sent another massive automatic update and ruined it like they did my laptop last year. I thought it was set to where I had to okay everything, but I haven't gotten any notices lately, so maybe they found a way around that setting.

My laptop hasn't been the same since I had the hard-drive replaced. It's being refused service by my provider's server, saying that the IP address is incorrect, or some such thing. Plus, even on someone else's Wi-Fi, I can't access Facebook. I do a fair amount of political, religious and humor reposting there, so I miss being able to continue that practice. It looks like I have a lot of computer issues to deal with for a while. I'll continue to try to maintain some contact here using Wi-Fi from town sources. It was McDonald's today. It may be Lowe’s tomorrow.

According to the weather man, we have a week of unpleasant (though not insufferable) weather coming this week. Oh well, what can I expect for February? I hope you all stay warm and safe.

Incidentally, I want to thank the Lord for saving the lives of fellow blogger Sixbears, his wife and his pooch, when they shipwrecked on a Florida shoal yesterday or the day before. The boat and most of it's contents were lost, so I hope y'all will say a few prayers for them, too. Thanks.

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Ralph Goff said...

Missed you on facebook Gorges . Hope you can get the computers working normal again without great expense.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

How terrible, I'm glad they were OK! I hope you get your medical issues figured out really quickly too.

Gorges Smythe said...

Me, too, Ralph!

Thanks, Kathy.