Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Foraging Journal

I mentioned a year or so ago that I’d begun a foraging journal. I’ve been expanding it a little the last few days. It’s a simple enough system. As I find (or remember) places where I’ve found wild edibles, I record them on the next open page, number the page, and draw a crude map of the area and where the plants are found. I give them the next letter of the alphabet along with the name of the plant(s) and write down the date that I’ve harvested that item, or at least have seen them ready to harvest. Turning to the back of the journal, each page is given a letter as needed, starting at the back page and moving FORWARD. On that page, I write down the numbered pages IN THE FRONT, where those items are found.

My plan is to be able to look at the back of the book and find the pages where maps show any particular plant growing. By recording each “picking,” I will gradually end up with an idea when those plants are available at each site. OR, by looking through the dates on the front pages, I’ll know when I should check a certain area.

Maybe the idea will pan out, or maybe it won’t, but at least it’s one more thing to keep me off the streets and out of jail. © 2016

7 comments: said...

That's a great idea. Can't wait until I can get to a place where I can forage more.

Gorges Smythe said...

I hope it's soon, Mike.

Chickenmom said...

Good idea, Gorges. You'll never go hungry!

Caddie said...

How very intelligent you are! You have certainly put the spotlight on my failings to keep detailed records of my foraging efforts. I'm so erratic anymore, I even forget to label specimens, ...thinking I can remember; Ha Ha Ha, forgetting again I have old-age symptoms galore.
By the way, Dandelions are at their peak here now and beautiful. Wish I was able to dig some. The dried or fresh roots make for some GOOD health - fixes what ails you. Personally, I put Dandelion at the top of medicines' list. Your bookkeeping can well turn into a 'publishable' book.

Lady Locust said...

Good deal~ the dandelions should be sweet soon.

Gail said...

Great idea. Remember the old rule when harvesting a whole plant, take one, leave two.

Gorges Smythe said...

Well, Cm, I don't know about the winter months.

It's not that I'm being smart, Caddie, it's just that I realize how forgetful I am! lol

They ain't bad, LL, they ain't bad.

Yes, Gail, I try not to be a hog, but then I rarely take whole plants, unless I'm transplanting them.