Thursday, March 3, 2016


I don’t remember ever seeing such hatred against a candidate in a presidential election as I do this year. Granted, there have always been those who hate anyone who disagrees with them, but never have I seen detractors from BOTH PARTIES hate a candidate like they do Donald Trump. The democrats hate him because he stands against their now openly professed socialism (communism). He doesn’t embrace their touchy-feely, politically correct, namby-pamby, all-nations-should-be-equal idea of political nirvana. The republican LEADERSHIP hates him because they’re afraid that he won’t play nice with their growing fascism. That could cost the crooked leaders of BOTH parties a lot of money!

The liberal establishment’s lapdog, the news media, does everything it can to pass off their hate-filled rhetoric as neutral journalism, but they aren’t fooling anyone—poison is poison. The pseudo-conservatives try saying that Trump is a phony conservative, all while they’re sucking up to the liberal powers that be (many with FOREIGN money).

Trump was saying the same thing about America needing to look after its own interests 20 years ago. No matter how grating and arrogant his demeanor may be, his words are the truest being spoken by any presidential candidate. We need to elect a president that will get things done, not another worthless puppet who will go along to get along.

In the end, the politicos don’t hate Trump nearly as much as they do the American citizens who are interfering with them killing the goose that lays their golden eggs. After all, those miserable little b_st_rds are supposed to vote for those for whom they’re told! © 2016


Chickenmom said...

You are so right, Gorges! They know now that we are on to their nasty games and they are afraid, very afraid that the free money pit will end. And the sad part of it is that we let they get away with it for so long.

deborah harvey said...

i still don't understand the rush to destroy the usa.
the destroyers must have been promised a bigger and better goose by their handlers.
of course, we know who the chief manipulator is but i don't think the pols or their handlers would be bowling along so merrily if they ever had a good look at him.
truly, pols must mostly be atheists giving lip service to decent morality in order to pull the wool more thickly over our eyes.
if they ever got a glimpse of hell they would surely backtrack t top speed.

Ralph Goff said...

You might be surprised how much coverage the guy is getting in the news here in Canada. And the rest of the world for that matter.

Vicki said...

Love Trump or hate him, it is still kind of fun to watch the career politicians squirm.

Gail said...

If Donald Trump has doesn't nothing else, he has brought some fresh reality to the forum. He has brought questions to the attention of every one that need to be debated and policies that need to be changed. Many things would never have been touched on without his unique brand of rudeness that brings up issues that many fear to touch.

I like much of what he says but some I do not. He is certainly no candy ass nor a yes man and being neither one of those I respect that.

The facts for me are...I did not vote for Hilary. The Clintons dominated Arkansas for years and used highly questionable methods...some we only suspect because witnesses have ways of being silenced. I have not met anyone that voted for them through the years and am amazed Bill was elected again and again in Arkansas and as president. My fear is the dream of the Promised Land will have us swamped with the Hispanic vote for Hillary's plan of amnesty. She is also a strong gun control advocate.

Don't get me wrong. This nation was built on immigrants. That is not the issue before us. A blanket forgiveness of illegals is not a good move in my humble opinion. They should earn the right to citizenship as those before them and not to the detriment of born citizens. I am not biased by color, race nor gender but all rules should apply to all equally.

The media is biased and that is very scary. I hope the rules are followed truly during this election and the choice is not taken from the populace where, according to the rules, is where it belongs.

There has to be a middle ground.

May God save and bless American.

...and that's my two cents worth of political opinion.

M. Silvius said...

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. I don't trust the Don. Simply put all his life he has done all that he could to promote left wing big government ideology. He has been one of them all his life. Why should he be any different today? He never lifted a finger for the conservative cause. He appeals to the lowest common denominator. He is a third world populist no different than Obama himself. You can substitute "make America great again" for "hope and change" and it would get you the same result. He even voted for Obumer and was stupid enough to admit it publicly. If he could not see the charlatan for what he was then, he is not much a of a judge of character and certainly not qualified to be president. That said if he wins the nomination I will have no choice but to vote for him but I'll do so very reluctantly and holding my nose. There is only one conservative with the proven track record in the race. The one the party establishment absolutely despises.

Euripides said...

We haven't heard anything yet. If Trump seals up the GOP nomination, the news media will go after him like starving dogs in butcher shop.

Gorges Smythe said...

FAR too long, Cm.

You're right that it's the ultimate deceiver behind it all, dh.

He DOES attract attention, Ralph.

You can SMELL the fear, Vicki. (It smells sorta like BS.)

Gail, I think Trump will get the nomination, if "the powers" don't have him assassinated. Then, since America now desires the absolute least moral person available to be president, Billary will be back in the White House.

I don't trust him either, Michael, nor anyone else in the running.

Sure enough, E!