Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One Happy Little Dog

Before I was waylaid by congestive heart failure, I used to get down on the floor with the Mighty Dachshund for a while each evening. That stopped sometime in June or July of last year. The poor little thing just couldn’t understand it and would whine and pout for me to come down to her, but I couldn’t. Since I started sleeping downstairs in the chair, she wants the three of us together at all times, and we mostly have been. However, when I began sleeping upstairs again last week, she became depressed when I went upstairs and whined and barked quietly for an hour or more. Last night, it was TWO hours.

This evening, I mowed most of the lawn, rather than sitting in the TV room with her and my wife. When I came in, she was in a full-blown fit of depression. Since I’ve been sleeping lying down in bed, I decided to get brave and try getting down on the floor again. Getting down wasn’t easy, but I made it, and lay on my left side, as I used to do. The little gal came right over, stopping only long enough to pick up her rawhide bone. Down she laid right beside me and began chewing her bone as I stroked her back.

Finally, I had to change positions and lay flat on my back. She immediately picked up her bone, went above my head, and began chewing the bone against my hair! I put my hand up there to keep the slimy thing out of my hair, and she laid the bone in the palm of my hand and continued chewing it. I figured what the heck and let her continue. After several minutes, I needed to change positions a while and sat up. Again she moved also and lay where I could reach her to stroke her back and continued working on the bone. Finally, she had the bone all chewed up and eaten, so she got a drink of water, lay down by my wife’s bed where she spends the night, and drifted off to sleep. There she remained for another couple hours as I got up, sat in my chair and watched TV.

She may whine again, when I go upstairs in a few minutes, but for a while tonight at least, she was one happy little dog. © 2016


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Awww, she really loves you!

Pumice said...

Sounds like a happier big dog too. Mowing the lawn and getting down on the floor are unusual marks of progress but certainly sound like it.

Grace and peace.

Caddie said...

That's precious. There is nothing like a/our happy dog. Their intelligence amazes me too. Their love is unconditional!

Gorges Smythe said...

I think she does, Kathy.

They are, Pumice, and thank you.

Man's (and woman's) best friend for sure, Caddie.