Wednesday, April 20, 2016

There IS A Simple Answer To The Bathroom Debacle


All we have to do is have an open, video monitored lobby where people can wait, surrounded by lockable doors to tiny private rooms containing a commode and a small sink. Each room needs an automatic indicator as to whether the room is occupied (to prevent flashers from leaving the door unlocked, hoping for an audience). There is no need to allocate for which sex or perversion any individual room is intended. First come, first serve. Of course, that isn’t REALLY what the perverts want, but how could they complain, since EVERYONE has equal opportunity? Remember, you saw it here first! © 2016


Gail said...

This may solve our problem about having to install two bathrooms at the shop!

Vicki said...

And isn't it a shame that we find it necessary to come up with alternatives to the restrooms marked Men and Women that have worked so well for so many years.

Pumice said...

As you know the purpose is not equality it is destruction of the residue of Christian values in our culture. All the more reason not to send your kids to public school, eat out or shop any more than necessary.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Just paint "Equal Lib" over the door, Gail!

It's a perverse age we live in, Vicki.

So true, Pumice.