Friday, May 27, 2016

Aggravation And Celebration

I probably mentioned at some point that because I went in the hospital the second day of the month, many moons ago, qualification for disability was delayed for a whole month (6 instead of 5). Then, I had to wait for an additional seven weeks for my first payment. That payment is now a week past due, so I called the SS Administration about it. Some young guy with a foreign accent told me to call the card company that handles such things. He also told me that they ALWAYS pay a month behind, so I would get no double first “check” as I believed that I would.

When I called the card company, some young, know-it-all girl told me that the card hadn’t been mailed out until the day before, but should be here in 10 days or less. I mentioned to her that I’d been living on savings for 6-1/2 months and that those savings are now gone. When I asked her what I was supposed to live on, while I waited on the card that was apparently mailed out a week late, she offered to send me an expedited card to be here in two days by UPS. BUT, I had to pay $13 for the service, to be deducted from my funds upfront. All things considered, I agreed. SHE insisted that the SSA owed me TWO payments and that I need to go to the local SS office and file a report. She told me that the guy I talked to at the national office (WAS it?) didn’t know what he was talking about. UPS was supposed to deliver it today between 7am and 7pm. It’s 4pm and he hasn’t come yet.

Regardless, we did make some headway yesterday. I’d been saving our tax refund to pay property taxes, but we decided to spend enough to get the inspection sticker on both vehicles, oil changes and the needed Freon added to my truck. I hated to spend the money, and we ARE counting on eventually getting my check with which I can replace those funds. At least now we can go somewhere in the middle of the day without suffering for it, worry about the vehicles being overdue for an oil change, or get a ticket for an expired sticker (they go out the last of the month). If we can swing it, we even feel safe taking a day trip up to Amish country before long.

On an unrelated note, among a myriad of other glitches, I’ve noticed that Word’s grammar check on my computer doesn’t like the terms “both vehicles” or “the sawmill.” The folks who set the program up may have been computer nerds, but they surely weren’t English majors. © 2016


Chickenmom said...

'Hope you get that straightened out. Makes you wonder how some of these people keep their jobs.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sure enough, Cm!