Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Conservatives Still Can’t See islam

Eight years ago, it was obvious to me that Obama was an Arab and, probably, a muslim as well. We were at war with Arab muslims at the time, so it seemed ridiculous to put an obvious enemy in the White House. America didn’t see an Arab, though; they saw a “black” man, though he’s 44% Arab, and only 6% black. (Incidentally, the government requires that you be at least 12% of a certain race before you can claim that race as your own; ask the Native Americans.) So, they elected a man with no track record, No answers to our national problems, and an obvious dislike for the very nation that had allowed him to become the “success” that he was, MOSTLY BECAUSE HE WAS “BLACK” Of course conservatives didn’t vote for him, but they’re in the minority now, anyway. They DID, however, refuse to believe that he was a muslim. Besides, it was only the “radical” muslims we were at war with!

Seven years have passed and Obama has bowed before muslim kings, acknowledging their rank over him and his subjection to Sharia law while in their kingdom. He has prayed at various mosques, armed our enemies, turned his back on our friends, and imported thousands of muslims into this country, including many KNOWN terrorists. He has openly attacked Christianity, while actively promoting and protecting islam. Yet most people, including most conservatives, still refuse to label him as a muslim. Worse yet, they still pathetically insist that we are at war with “radical islam.”

NEWS FLASH – ALL muslims are what we call radical, it’s just that we only recognize the ones carrying guns, blowing up innocent people, raping women and children, and torturing and murdering non-muslims. We won’t accept that those quiet, sneaky muslims living next door are simply waiting for the right opportunity to join their more active brothers in evil. READ their Koran. READ world history concerning islam. They are ALL out to ultimately convert the world or destroy it!

And STILL, even most conservatives won’t admit that Obama is a muslim, and that we are at war with ALL OF ISLAM, NOT just a radical few. It turns out that we are a nation of morons, so I guess we deserve our coming destruction, at least those who voted for Obama and those who will vote for his bought and paid for follower, Hillary (or worse yet, not vote at all). © 2016


deborah harvey said...

i admit that i voted for obama. i had no idea. his real past was successfully hidden and has only leaked out in dribs and drabs.
i could not vote for romney [used to live next to massachusetts when he was governor-- what a mess]. romney has no concept of living on mac n cheese and being grateful for it.

when you get to the end you have to use the write in vote, but the one you pick is not the one who wins. corruption is marrow deep, and an honest man doesn't stand a chance.

i don't know what to do besides pray.

outside of God's mercy we have no hope as a nation.

Gorges Smythe said...

I figured anyone was better than Obama, dh, even Romney. Anymore, Romney has obviously sold his soul to the swine segment of the GOP.

deborah harvey said...

so far as i could tell at the time, romney had already done that before he ran for prez.

Gorges Smythe said...

You would have been in a better position to observe, dh. I never heard much of him until he began running.

Pumice said...

I wish I could mail everyone who talks about "radical Islam" a copy of the Koran but they probably would not read it any more than they do the Bible or the Constitution.

Grace and peace.