Sunday, May 22, 2016

Field Hawkweed - Hieracium caespitosum

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Sorry this isn't a better photo. I left it indoors too long before I took the photo and the single blossom you see closed up. At the bottom are some links about it. Remember, I make no medicinal claims. Thanks to Deborah Harvey for putting me on track. Below is the photo that Deborah identified by the local name.


Caddie said...

Thank you Gorges (via Deborah Harvey)for this information. I have been wondering for 30 years what this dandelion-like plant infestation is on what I call my "Lawn". Now I know ...Hawkweed. Probably some healing qualities in it. I must investigate! I'm finding IDs for every weed I have and realize my whole 'lawn' is either edible or healing or very useful to us in some manner. God doesn't make mistakes. Every plant has its purpose. Maybe in time we'll all learn the facts.

Gorges Smythe said...

You're welcome Caddie. I used my bird book, plant guide, fern guide and fungus (mushroom) guide a lot when I was a young feller. I recently pulled them out, since I have more time these days.