Saturday, May 14, 2016


I don’t know how else to describe my feelings after talking on Facebook to the young man that I’ll call Jack. I met Jack on a previous job and enjoyed getting to know him, despite him being young enough to be my son. He was grossly overweight, like me, and struggling with the problem. Maybe the sympathy factor was part of the attraction, since I knew one of his demon’s personally. However, he was also very intelligent, more intelligent than I, I’m sure. And his knowledge was surprisingly eclectic. There aren’t very many fellows that age who can carry on an intelligent conversation. Though his father is still living, I developed a sort of paternal feeling towards the young man. I even went to the boss when I felt that he was wrongly accused of causing some ongoing vandalism there. Unfortunately, he was let go for the vandalism of which he was supposed to be guilty. I should NOT have been amused when the vandal stuck again two days after Jack left, BUT I WAS!

The problem is that Jack, for all of his intelligence, has been thoroughly and completely brainwashed by the educational system and the modern media. He was planning to vote for Bernie Sanders, and I’m sure he did, despite 100 million people being murdered by socialist countries in the last century. He doesn’t see the connection with the white-headed little old man who’s never done an honest day’s work in his life, yet wants to take money away from anyone who has. Surprisingly, he IS against gun control, but he spouts the gay rights dogma and the beliefs of the “pro-choice” crowd. I’m sure his live-in girlfriend is of the same thinking. He claims to believe in God, but he doesn’t accept that God considers homosexuality an abomination and that a woman’s body belongs to GOD, NOT to her (as does a man’s).

Indeed, “religion” is my greatest concern about him. He’s the same age (28) that I was when I was saved, but I fear he’s far, far away from that decision himself. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry a few years ago when he told me that he was “many things” in a sage-like manner. He believes that he’s a combination of Christian, muslim, hindu, etc, believing that they all have strong and weak points. I don’t think it sunk in when I told him that anyone who claims to have many religions actually has none at all. After all, any actual religion demands 100% commitment, so you can’t truly be part one and part another. Like many folks, I guess he’s created his own religion. Despite what he may think, that makes him his own god.

By worldly standards, Jack is a really good guy, generous, kind, understanding, and friendly. By godly standards, Jack is just another hell-bound sinner. Naturally, he can change that fact, but he has to take God more seriously and his own opinion a whole lot less so before that happens. We’re saved by the blood of Jesus, not by the mind of man. I pray for Jack every day. It would be such a shame for such a basically good young man would go to hell. The sad truth, though, is that hell is full of well-meaning, lovable people who never conquered their ego long enough to hear God’s truth. I hope Jack doesn’t end up being one of them, but things don’t look good. Still, I’ll keep praying for him, and a whole lot of other Jacks and Jills; but THIS Jack breaks my heart, because I know him so well. © 2016


deborah harvey said...

it is written; 'lean not unto thine own understanding.'
praying for Holy Spirit to fall upon us and everybody is the only way.
God is able.
keep praising God for the salvation you pray over this young one.

Pumice said...

The only consolation I can suggest is that in reality he will be happier in "hell" where he can pretend to be god than in "heaven" where he would have to bend his knee. Actually, there is another fact. The Holy Spirit is still working on him. You may have come to the Lord at 28 but it takes "smarter" people a bit longer to get over their smartness.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

Amen, dh.

I just hope he makes it, Pumice.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Unfortunately there are a lot of Jacks out there right now. Someday there will be a great sign and people will need to make a choice. I hope he makes the right one.