Monday, May 23, 2016

Now COP’S Want A Revenge Bill!

Of course, it’s not called that; it’s being pawned off as a “hate crime” bill. The idea is that a person who murders a cop in cold blood will get a stiffer sentence if he/she did so because they “hated” cops. I guess that hatred must somehow make the cop “deader.” Funny thing, all MY life, I’ve noticed that if someone killed a cop, they nearly ALWAYS got a WAY stiffer sentence than if they’d murdered your common garden variety of citizen, like a plumber or a milkman. I guess plumbers and milkmen need hate crime bills, too! Some ignorant black dame on TV complained that if everyone was “protected,” then no-one really had any special protection. BINGO! I think that’s called “equality,” the very thing blacks and others have been saying for years that they wanted. Wonder where that “special protection” idea came from?

Hate crime bills are as moronic as “gun crime” bills. The person attacked, maimed, crippled, or murdered is no more or less dead or damaged whether the attacker hated them or not, or whether they used a gun, or an iron pipe. Assault is assault, murder is murder, and trauma is trauma. What we’re REALLY talking about is revenge. How DARE they kill one of US instead of one of those OTHER folks? We’ll show THEM! We’ll lock’em up and throw away the key (if they won’t let us hang’em)!

The problem with laws is that they ALWAYS get abused. ANY black or muslim that gets hassled or murdered by a white guy is now AUTOMATICALLY a victim of a hate crime. (It’s funny how it never works the other way around.) Every person who uses a gun to kill someone is now guilty of gun crime, even though the bank is no less robbed if the guy uses a note and his finger in a pocket. The black, the muslim, or even the cop is no less wounded or killed, whether the perp hated him or not.

I’ve got a great idea, let’s just convict criminals of the things of which they are guilty, and leave their tools or their attitudes out of it. It’s called common sense. Besides, hatred (in this case) isn’t what kills people; it’s just the emotion that LEADS some folks to kill others. Try as we might, we will NEVER be able to actually outlaw emotions. Any attempt to do so merely ushers in the Thought Police. Naturally, that’s EXACTLY what the so-called liberals (read socialists) are wanting. © 2016



Chickenmom said...

Political correctness forcriminals is going to be our downfall if it's not stopped NOW!

Sixbears said...

Hear hear! Crime is crime, right?

Have you noticed that cop killers rarely live to go to trial? They tend to die while resisting arrest.

Harry Flashman said...

I saw an article on Fox last night. Up in D.C. some pervert was in the women's rest room in a public building. One of the women went and got a security guard. The security guard removed the guy from the rest room. Then the perv called the police, said he was a "woman gender identity" person. He pressed charges against the guard, whom the police then arrested and took to jail. The article said the Washington D.C. police department is "considering this to be a hate crime."

Gorges Smythe said...

It's all part of the plan, Cm.

Yeah, Sixbears, and sometimes they die while trying to "escape."

Harry, I read long ago that the idea is to make EVERYTHING illegal, so the government can pick and choose who it prosecutes. I think we're there!

Gary in Bama said...

Gorge Hitler proved it worked. It is amazing how similar our new laws are to 1936 Germany. Our elected idiots may have read A book.

Euripides said...

All hate crime laws are in violation of the 14th Amendment. The courts, however, have refused to see that since they broke the 14th Amendment years ago.

Gorges Smythe said...

Agreed, Gary.

No, E, They don't consult the Bill of Rights, Amendments or Constitution anymore.