Sunday, May 22, 2016

Shame On Me!

I realize that you folks have dutifully read my whines more often than you should have to, and I apologize for that. Life can get frustrating at times, though, as you know. Things seem to have been thrown at me and my wife fast and furious lately. Added to the other stuff, my antibiotic, which often causes dizziness in others, has now decided to cause it in me (big-time), though it’s never done it before.

 As a Christian, it’s very easy to wonder why the Lord let’s some things happen. My faith is generally strong and my prayer life is pretty active. However, I often find myself apologizing to the Lord for so many of my prayers being self-centered instead of Christ- centered. I don’t go to church these days, for reasons that many of you understand. What bothers me more, though, is my lack of witnessing for the Lord, especially now that I’m basically off Facebook.

After one dizzy spell earlier today, I faced the fact that I felt tired and not altogether well, and decided to take a nap. As I do sometimes at night, I pulled my Bible from a shelf of the night-stand, only to see several days-worth of dust on it. Granted, I also keep one in my office and two in my truck, but I knew I hadn’t used them during that time, either. I was rightfully ashamed of myself for not living up to the Lord’s expectations of regularly studying His Word. Why should I expect any favors from God, when I can’t keep up such a simple part of the relationship? Luckily, God doesn’t seem to keep score too closely.

Also as I often do, I closed my eyes, asked the Lord to show me the words I needed, dropped a fingernail somewhere in the pages and opened the book. My finger rested on the first verse of the 22nd Psalm: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me,…” For those unfamiliar with the crucifixion, those words were quoted by Christ on the cross. Still, I’m sure every Christian has felt that way at times. Here the Lord humbled me by letting me see the dust on the Bible, but then choose a verse for me that let me know He understood how I felt. He’s that way, I’ve learned over the years.

Whenever I land on the first verse of a chapter, I consider it a cue to read the whole chapter, so I did. It had some more things that applied to me personally, but much more that applied to Jesus Himself. I was reminded of some things. Mostly though, I learned the lesson of the dust on the Bible. © 2016


deborah harvey said...

gorges, i've just been through it, too. so ill and people are kind. when there is much stress there is no need to try superhuman strength. we don't have it. He has it and we depend on Him.

sitting here in pain from the shingles. met a lady on saturday who has had them for 2 years. stepson died unexpectedly followed by her husband a few weeks later-unexpected.
then she moved in with her brother--he came down with an agonizing cancer, and they never give enough meds to control the pain.
blessedly he died quickly of sepsis--a gift from God.

so she got shingles. stress too much for the human body.
you are not superman, so we will pray for you and you may let it all out here among your friends.
'in this world you will have trouble'. how horribly true that is.
i think about the Christians in syria and in other moslem countries and feel selfish, but the physical pain won't let you be noble. the personal suffering takes precedence.
it isn't selfish, it is just the way it is. don't flagellate yourself. you are doing the best you can.

on the weight loss, you are young enough that your skin will firm up and accommodate itself to your new figure.
God give you strength to slim down. you will feel so much better, you will feel renewed.

by the way, i cannot comment on 'sixbears' the comment form has got through. is the form the same as it was on your computer?

Pumice said...

When I go through times like that I become a Calvinist and lean on the perseverance of the saints doctrine. I have found that the Lord tends to wake me up in time to prepare me for the next batch of growing.

On the medication, are there any other strains they can change you to?

Grace and peace.

deborah harvey said...

gorges got through on sixbears. think it was firefox on my end. thanks.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sorry about your problems, dh, I know other folks who've had shingles, and none would wish them on their worst enemy.

The Lord has a pretty thick-skulled fellow in my case, Pumice, much to my inconvenience. I'll be checking on meds tomorrow; I wanted to be off them for 48 hours to fairly judge their absence.