Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Still Saving Water And Sawing Wood

No, the two aren’t related except that it’s me doing it. I’m still taking sponge baths every day or two and trying to shower only once or twice a week. The smell of my hair is what my wife sometimes complains of. She has quite arid skin and hair; I lean a bit the other way. So, if she mentions my hair, I shower. Still, I notice that our water bills are about $5 lower these days. As near as I can figure, I’m saving about 800 gallons a month. The $5 is no biggie. However, if a person is using a small spring, or shallow well as a water source, that translates into 27 gallons a day. That could make a big difference to some folks. Remember, too, that by bathing less, I require fewer towels and less soap; plus, since I try not to change clothes as often, that’s less laundry (as with the towels). Therefore, the water savings has to be attributed somewhat to the other changes, not just bath water. And there’s a slight savings in detergent costs. Just thought I’d pass that along for other strange folks like me.

I sawed quite a few branches off the fallen oaks in the backyard this evening. I’m using a 24” bow-saw left over from my Christmas tree growing days. The blade is dull and needs more set, but it eventually gets through the 2-5” limbs, despite running a bit to the right. I have the skill and the tools to remedy that situation, but when I was working, the money spent on a blade was less valuable than the time I’d spend sharpening one. Now that I’m not working, I should probably reacquaint myself with the saw vise, the tooth setter and the three-corner files that the job requires.

Despite having to take a breather occasionally, I was ready and willing to keep going, but I forced myself to stop after a few minutes. I quit cutting Christmas trees nearly 15 years ago, so I didn’t want to be so sore in the morning that I couldn’t use my arm to help me climb out of bed in the morning. It’s only four hours later and I already feel some slight soreness. I wish my legs had retained the same proportional strength that my arms have. Oh well, Good Lord willing, I’ll drag those limbs to the brush pile tomorrow and give those legs a workout. © 2016


deborah harvey said...

instead of shampoo use straight baking soda. daughter uses it and her hair is better than when she used shampoo.
after rinsing you may use dilute apple cider as a rinse.
cheap, effective, and makes a happy wife.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We're on a well so we don't have a water bill but it affects our electricity to pump the water.

Chickenmom said...

I keep my cane by the side of the bed and use it for leverage. Helps getting out of bed on some mornings.

Crystal Mary said...

I think you are wonderful because you are doing your best to be frugal. Well done.

Gorges Smythe said...

Hm, never heard of that, dh!

There ya go, Kathy; go stinky! lol

It doesn't help with my bed, Cm, as it's just a mattress on the floor. I think that's going to change soon, though.

LOL, just call me "Stinky," Crystal!

Gail said...

Many people have no idea how much water they waste in the course of a day. Simply leaving the water running while you brush your teeth uses a lot.

We pump from our spring so the electricity use changes. The water supply is not infinite for the earth I believe. I think if they had to haul the water to the house in a bucket they may be more frugal. I grew up doing that. I think that is rare anymore.

Your work will help you feel better I'm thinking, just try to not do too much at a time...but you know that.

Have a blessed evening.

Gorges Smythe said...

We hauled water when I was a kid Gail, so like you, I know the value of water.