Saturday, June 11, 2016

Mom Fell Out Of Bed!

She’s okay, but she’s a bit embarrassed. It happened at five in the morning on Thursday. She rolled toward one side and down she went. She grazed the night stand with her head, but has no bump or bruise to show for it. She said that she sort of scraped the leg of the bed with her leg, too, but not hard enough to hurt.

The problem was, she was wound up in the covers as tight as the filling in a Cuban cigar. She couldn’t get her legs free and could only work one arm free. She finally “wormed” her way closer the stand and was able to reach the phone. So, she called 911 and explained her predicament. The lady there promised to send someone, and after asking Mom a few questions to be sure she was okay, told Mom that she could hang up if she wanted. About 20 minutes later, the lady called back to tell her that help should be arriving very soon. Mom laughed and said, “I hope you’re right, because there’s a strange man standing in my bedroom doorway.”

Of course it was the EMT’s - him and a lady behind him. Mom said the guy lifted her up with little seeming effort and then they unwrapped her from the covers. They checked her vitals and stayed a few minutes to be sure that she was okay. Jokingly, Mom asked them if they made beds and the lady actually did it! She apologized for being a bother and the guy told her that she wasn’t the first and wouldn’t be the last to have such problems, and that they wished that all of their calls were that simple. After thanking them profusely, they left and Mom lay down and went back to sleep. She woke up feeling fine and still feels likewise, so she must have landed gently. I guess the Lord was looking out for her! © 2016


Vicki said...

Glad the damage wasn't any worse and she was able to reach the phone to call for help. I have been waiting for something like that to happen since switching from a queen sized bed to a single. Sometimes wish I had sides on this bed like a crib. :)

Gail said...

Glad all turned out okay.

Ralph Goff said...

Glad to hear it ended well for your mom Gorges. We don't give falling much thought when we are young but in later years it becomes more of a problem. Interesting coincidence as I was reading this post an ad came on tv for

kymber said...

oh thank goodness she wasn't hurt! and i am glad that she received such excellent and respectful service.

sending love to you and yours Gorges! your friend,

Marian Love Phillips said...

So glad your Mom is alright. It must have been scary for her. She did the right thing.

Sixbears said...

Glad it wasn't anything worse. I've seen worse. Happy she's Okay.

Gorges Smythe said...

The problem, Vicki, is that unless the sides are easy for the occupant to put down, they'd make it hard to get out of bed.

Thanks, Gail.

Unfortunately, Ralph, those things aren't for poor folks.

Thanks, kymber.

She's a trooper, Marian!

Thanks, Sixbears, and I bet you have!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Good thing she was OK. So what do you do about getting tangled up? I've never done that but with tossing and turning I can see how it is possible.

Chickenmom said...

Glad you Mom is OK and so glad she wasn't embarrassed to call for help!

Gorges Smythe said...

I guess you just have to sleep and take your chances, Kathy.

Thanks, Cm; she's pretty practical.