Friday, June 10, 2016

Puttering And “Debating”

I got waylaid in my work on the oak trees in the back yard by a long stretch of rainy and/or overly hot weather. This week was nice, but other things needed done. The yard was in bad need of mowing, due to rainy weather, so I took one day to do that. It doesn’t take all day of course, but with the tall grass, it took longer than normal. I also mowed some things that I only mow on an occasional basis, like into the edge of the woods on one side of the yard and down the log trail a ways.

Another day, I pulled the weeds that were trying to grow out from under the front porch and raked last winter’s leaves out from underneath. Some places, there’s only two or three inches through which to thread the leaf rake, so it’s rather difficult. Since prolonged bending over causes me some problems, I’d rake for a few seconds, then sit down a couple minutes while I got dizzy and then returned to normal. I repeated that cycle dozens of times before I got the job done. In the process, I learned that we have a hill of red ants under the section of porch that’s closest to the ground. I need to see if I can afford some DECENT under-pinning (not easy to find) and fix it so the leaves can’t get under there anymore. I guess I’ll have to poison the ants if I want rid of them.

This sounds silly, but a large part of one day was spent hanging the two pieces of my 40-foot extension ladder to the outside posts of our back deck. My wife had gotten me some hangers a few months ago, but a search showed that they’d “disappeared” somehow. So I had to go to the Chinese Emporium and get six more. It was too hot to be outside when I got home, so I waited until early evening to resume my work. It took longer than it ever should have for me to hobble around and measure, mark and to drill the stepped holes to accommodate the screw-in part of the hangers and the beginning of the rubbery coating. The ladders looked much better hanging up than leaning against the side of the house.

I’ve been to the top of the extended second section many times in the past, usually tying a one-inch rope around a tree that needed to be pulled a safe direction when it was cut. I only need one of the 20-foot sections to get on my roof, though, so it’s been separated for years. I can’t climb anymore, but I’m keeping the ladder in case I can ever afford to have some work done on the house and the workers need to use it.
Today, I finally got back to working on the oaks again. I found a new blade in the basement, but it was as worthless as the old one. For one thing, it has almost ZERO set. I guess it’s about time for the chainsaw.

I had a political discussion with the young man that I spoke of in an earlier post. His girlfriend (who may actually be his fiancée) was in on it too. They’re both “democrats” I think, but are socialists in reality, being Bernie supporters that they are. I was trying to convince them to vote for Trump, since Hillary is apparently going to be the democrat candidate, but the guy refuses, due an extreme dislike for Trump. I completely understand his feelings but, in my book, NOT voting for Trump is an AUTOMATIC vote for Hillary, whom he loathes. He won’t budge, though, so I didn’t push the issue too far.

 What was interesting was when a black friend of his girlfriend decided that she needed to come to their rescue. She was ready to fight over everything under the sun, not just Trump, and there wasn’t anything that she didn’t “KNOW.” Her mentioning that she was a “graduate,” and her obvious fondness for the logic of race-baiters like Jackson and Sharpton, made me think that she may have grown up poor and had something to prove. I responded to her (well written) raging two or three times, but soon bowed out of the discussion for reasons that you can probably understand. In her next rage, she mentioned that I’d lost the argument, but I didn’t respond. I’m sure she had no idea that she was dealing with an old geezer who learned long ago not to waste time with young know-it-alls. I learned later that she had been on her school debate team, which made her verbal skills understandable. Sadly, being skillful and being wise are two entirely different things.  I noticed that as soon as I dropped out of the conversation, she tried to pick fights with two other guys. I suspect she doesn’t have a lot of friends. LOL © 2016


Sixbears said...

My son-in-law has my big ladder and I'm in no hurry to get it back. Not looking forward to working on roof again.

As for your debate, I recognize that someone may be a more skilled debater, but that doesn't make them right.

This election year I'd really like a third option, but looks like another year of holding my nose when going to vote.

Ralph Goff said...

I think that 20 foot ladder would be all I want to climb. I'm not too scared of heights but don't like the idea of landing if I fell from such a height.
And arguing with educated idiots can really wear you down and raise your blood pressure. I do try to avoid it.

Gorges Smythe said...

Third options always seem to make the liberals win anyway, Sixbears.

Yeah, I'm too old for either one anymore, Ralph.

Euripides said...

Liberalism is a disease that now infects the educated. In my experience, though, these "educated" college grads are some of the most ignorant people on the planet.

Pumice said...

As the holder of a BA, M.Div., Teaching Credential and numerous certificates of this and that I think I am qualified to say that being a graduate won't even get you a job at a fast food franchise if there are any old geezers looking for work. A piece of paper may open doors but it does not prove that the mind is usable.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm afraid you're right all too often on that matter, E!

Sad but true, Pumice.