Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Change In The Weather

For better or worse, we put a wireless doorbell in my bedroom so my wife can ring for me if the Mighty Dachshund needs to pee in the night. Some nights, though, I wake up between 4 and 5 o’clock and go ahead and put her out, as I did this morning. I usually sleep very late of a morning during this horrid weather we’ve been having. Not this morning though. At 8:30, my doorbell rang. I asked from the top of the stairs what was wrong, since my wife usually puts the pooch out before I get up, as long as it’s daylight. The missus told me that the pooch needed to poop. SOMEHOW, I have become the “poopee” for the furry little “pooper.” The missus seems to think the task beneath her, probably because we wipe her off afterward to be sure she doesn’t drag anything onto the carpet. (Ah, I mean the dog, not the missus.)

Knowing full well that it was probably bogus, I went downstairs and dutifully took out the little bugger. She dropped immediately on getting all four feet on the ground and drained by the front step for what seemed like an eternity. I then walked her over to her “dumping ground” and asked if she needed to poop. She just looked up at me like I’d asked a silly question and stood there for 2-3 minutes just listening and sniffing the breeze. After several more such questions, she finally looked at me in obvious disgust and assumed the position. Despite her apparent lack of desperation, she did leave a healthy deposit behind her. It would seem that she really only needed to pee, and did the other just to shut me up. Even just standing there with her, the humidity had sweat beading on me anywhere that I had bare skin.

It was 86 when we left for the mall about one o’clock (about 6-10 degrees cooler than it has been), but the humidity made it feel like a sauna outside. Nothing new; it’s felt like that for a week. It was 90 in the parking lot, so I had to let the AC run on the truck as my wife took her round inside. That being the case, I decided to keep the truck moving and so, did a slow reconnaissance of the area for possible wild edibles. I found some places to look for poke next spring, but nothing else.

Once home, we had a storm about 3 and about a half hour of moderate rain. About 6, we had a lesser storm, but about an hour of gentle rain. Toward the end of it, I went out on the porch and sat in the swing a while. It seemed to continue sprinkling for a long time after the actual rain quit. A slight breeze arose, shaking the tree leaves just enough to make it sound like the rain was picking up, though it wasn’t. Both the humidity and the temperature were reduced by the rain, and it was almost comfortable outside when I went in the house about six fingers from sunset.

The week ahead is supposed to be a bit rainy and 5-10 degrees cooler than last week. I can use the cooler temps and the ground can use the rain. Dog days go out the 11th, so things MIGHT cool a little more then. I hate to sound ungrateful, but I long for fall. It won’t be long; the ironweeds are starting to bloom, along with the Joe Pye weeds. Before you know it, the goldenrods will be blooming. Already, the forest green of the woods is starting to be polka-dotted with an occasional speck of yellow. I hate to wish my already too-short life away, but I can’t wait to see the leaves start turning. For now, though, I’ll just settle for more seasonable weather. © 2016


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

The iron weed is starting to get buds here (outside of St Louis). The heat was horrible the last week but felt almost chilly this afternoon in the lower 80s. We are normally super humid which is a really bad thing for your hairstyle, it either frizzes or droops. I default to just pushing it all up under a baseball cap or wide brim straw hat and call it a day. I love the doorbell idea!

Gorges Smythe said...

The doorbell WORKS, Kathy, but it's not exactly an endearing sound at 3am! lol

Chickenmom said...

Too funny - thank heavens the gang doesn't need to go out! I think everyone is tired of all the hot, humid weather. The cicadas have been singing for two weeks now. Never heard them this early before.

Gail said...

Hope this week has been cooler. We have had enough rain sprinkled into the heat that the plants are surviving.

When the poke berries get ripe, take some home and plant them. They will grow well many places and you can have some right in your yard.

Have a blessed evening.

Gorges Smythe said...

We're done with our cicadas, Cm; can't say that I miss 'em.

Thanks, Gail, I may try that.