Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Friends, Romans, Non-Christians…

Sometimes, we look around us and think the world has gone mad. Perhaps it has, but perhaps our vision is merely too limited. It must have seemed like the world was ending to those immediately affected by World War II, when a hate-filled madman was conquering Europe and Japanese imperialists were raping and ravaging the orient. It must have seemed likewise during World War I to the people affected. Many of our own citizens thought similarly during the great Uncivil War, The War of 1812 and the American Revolution when they saw the people around them murdered and their homes and cities destroyed.

Indeed, the history of mankind is the history of man’s inhumanity to man. There has always been hatred, inequality, greed, war, murder, rape, robbery, tyranny, lies and apathy. Few people have cared much except for themselves and MAYBE their families. If you happened to be royalty, your nights would often be filled with planning how to murder your own relatives before they murdered you. The leadership of nations was decided not by elections, but by who had the sharpest sword, or who could muster the most men to fight. The wisest man who ever lived is said to be Solomon, who lived about 3000 years ago; he said that there was NOTHING new under the sun. In other words, the world isn’t going mad, it’s always been mad.

The problem is that there are two warring forces in the universe. One is good, the other evil. It’s not like Star Wars, where both good and evil can tie into a single powerful but neutral force. These forces themselves are good and evil. Most religions of the world understand this. Many individuals do not, because these forces are both normally invisible, so “scientifically-minded” folks refuse to believe in them. Strangely, they can’t see the wind either, but they believe in it.

Good and evil are both laughed at today, and one is often confused with the other by ignorant or evil people. Yet, there are games galore where the forces of evil and good collide that some folks are absolutely fanatical over, while still denying the REAL realms of good and evil. Our politicians and news media now worship at the throne of evil and common citizens seem to think that two wrongs now make a right. The world IS indeed mad.

Only by aligning with the good force will you find any peace, but most people refuse. That force is Yahweh and His son Yeshua, otherwise known as God and Jesus Christ. If you seek Him honestly, His Holy Spirit will guide you to a saving knowledge of Yeshua. If you are up in years, please accept the Savior, before you end up going to Hell. If you’re younger, please accept Him before you go crazy (and THEN to Hell). We are told that the fear (respect) of the Lord is the BEGINNING of knowledge. Without that, you have NOTHING. Please make a move now, before it’s forever too late.


deborah harvey said...

over 30 years ago i was taking a shower on a beautiful day when God spoke to me saying, 'america is no longer a Christian country.'.
gosh! that brought me to a standstill!
i guess that the moment when the balance was tipped was sometime that day.
i now begin to think that those desiring constitutional government are whipping a dead horse. i also believe that we are a shrinking minority.
apparently most are satisfied with, or blind to, the way the country is circling the drain.
they don't want or care to be stirred up in the cause of justice.
bergen-belsen here we come!

i worry about our child. she is dependent upon the government for the medicaid and the food stamps.
we also could not get along without our social security.
those with the purse strings are calling the shots.
we will be like all other hapless people throughout time who are the victims but not the instigators of corruption and war.
the african proverb is 'when elephants fight, the grass suffers.
we are the grass.

God of Abraham, deliver us and our children! thank You!

Gorges Smythe said...

Yeah, I know what you mean dh; we worry about our grandkids.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

If you look around you see so many people leaving the church. Then I listen to the country music radio and where it is traditionally Mama, Home, Church and Country I am starting to hear songs that are saying "you" (the girl or boy) are my church, I hear country music is my church and then in another genre, Take Me to Church where she idolizes the guy so much that he becomes her god. This is not good.

Gorges Smythe said...

The world is definitely changing, Kathy, and it ain't for the better!