Sunday, July 3, 2016

Observations And Thoughts While At ChinaMart

(Above store name stolen from Sixbears.)

Obviously, I was in ChinaMart today. My first stop was in the sporting goods section. Of eight .22 rifles, four were bolt action and four were semi-automatic. Of 20 shotguns, every last one was a pump. Of 11 high-powered rifles, one was lever action, one was semi-automatic and nine were bolt actions. When asked, the lady who was at the counter said there would be single-shot shotguns and rifles coming in before hunting season. I didn’t ask about auto shotguns. I have to wonder if those guns are what didn’t sell last year, or if they just stocked them for the summer expecting that they would sell better. Maybe I should have asked her that, too.

I prefer double-barreled shotguns; but who can afford such luxury these days? After that, I prefer single-shot shotguns, though the Remington 1148 that I had many years ago was a good enough gun. I like semi-auto .22’s, specifically Ruger 10/22’s. I’ve got one with a 3x9 scope, a Mannlicher stock and custom trigger that I’d sure hate to part with. After it, I like shotgun-style single-shot .22’s. What can I say; I love light weight and simplicity!

Also, in that section, I was looking at the caps. (Some folks who don’t know any better call them “hats.”) They ran anywhere from $5 to $15 and EACH ONE had a company logo on it. I’m showing my age to say that I remember when companies GAVE AWAY such caps for the advertising value. A certain very warm place will freeze over before I pay $15 for a cap with somebody else’s name on it. Heck, I wouldn’t pay that for one with MY name on it. Most people are such lemmings, though, and want something that makes them part of the “cool” crowd. (I have no idea what the current term is that means “cool.”)

Over in the tool section, I found a nice little Chinese tape measure for a buck and a very accurate Chinese plastic torpedo level for $1.75. No wonder your average weekend warrior buys such things instead of the high-priced “American” brands that are probably made in the same factory anyway. A set of Stanley bolt-cutters were only about $19, but they were Chinese also. I would NEVER buy any Chinese tool where the steel needed to be of any quality. I remember seeing truckloads of Chinese steel scrapped at the Ames factory where I used to work because it was completely unusable. I DID find an American made poll hatchet by Vaughn for $20 that seemed to be of excellent quality. If I didn’t already have a collection of quality, usable antique hatchets, I’d probably buy one.

My wife tired early today, so I didn’t have to recycle my visits to the various departments. I DID manage to find the new issue of Backwoodsman though; it’s the only magazine that I buy anymore. I seem to be getting really fickle about my reading material now that I’ve entered geezerhood! © 2016


Angela said...

I avoid Chinamart as much as possible. Unfortunately, I did have to go in there the other day to buy some towels. They do have a decent towel that we like that cost $1.97. I wanted to buy some for a lady who works with my husband whose house was flooded. We basically just shopped right where the towels were. lol

Ralph Goff said...

Yes, the machinery companies gave away a lot of caps with their names on them. I don't get many these days. I guess they reserve them for the big farmers who buy the big stuff. I've paid good money for a few that were for a good cause but not many. Some caps I have had so long that the companies no longer exist and I guess the caps are collectors items.
As far as I know, cool is still cool.

Gorges Smythe said...

If it wasn't for the missus, I'd almost never go there, Angela. Too much walking (now riding) for me.

As long as WE'RE cool is the main thing, Ralph! ;-)

Gail said...

I dread those trips more and more.

Caddie said...

"geezerhood!" I love it! Almost lost my balance reading that one! Gorges, what is a lady-geezer to be called - I'm one. Oh! yes! I had such fun yesterday dealing in public. Much laughter from several encounters; ha ha ha 'old crazy lady'. Laughed until I teared; can't get better than that, now can it? I LOVE 'pulling someone's leg' the old saying goes.

No guns here. Probably should have one. I used to shoot a little. Too weak to pull a trigger anyway. Weapon needed? Usually use my voice.A horror to live with if I killed someone, most horrible. I dream of peace, I truly do; and this is fine, for one day it may come.

Enjoyed the reading. sixbears ought to copy write his 'Chinamart'. Perfect name.

deborah harvey said...

kids say cool but the new pronunciation is 'coo-ell'.

husband calls the place chinatown.
didn't understand until he translated.

i go there for chigger-ex to cool the shingles pain.
try to avoid it, it is a money sink.

many places they have put so many out of business that chinamart is the only place left.a friend of mine asked 'isn't monopoly illegal?'.
yes, but corruption is rife.
the patient-u s a - is near death and massive penicillin is necessary.
let's pray that God gives us some.

M. Silvius said...

You are lucky your Wallyworld actually has firearms. Over here in Maine the don't. I also favor single shot break open, but they are hard to find these days. H&R/NEF the last maker of that type, have stopped production of all their single shot break open shotguns and rifles. They are only selling their Chinese made pump shotguns. I have two of the old H&R singles, a 20 ga Pardner and a Handyrifle in 44 mag. Also have a Remington #3 single side lever in 12 ga from 1893.
She is pretty old, and I have to tighten all the screws every dozen shots or so, or shell come apart in your hands.

Gorges Smythe said...

Me too, Gail!

Maybe you need a gun with a better trigger, Caddie. They make them.

After they run everyone else out, they raise their prices, too, dh. I pray for our country too.

Michael, Rossi still puts out single shots, but they're short little devils. I have an old Iver Johnson 12 ga. Champion with a rib that would be the last gun I'd ever part with. LOVE it!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Magazine prices are astounding now. I'll pick up some but none of those $10 ones although I'd like to read then once in awhile. I should see if my library will carry it or just subscribe since that is cheaper. I'll get a Backwoodsman once in awhile, it's full of real articles and not just ads. said...

I love Backwoodsman Magazine. There are very few magazines anymore that are jam-packed with useful knowledge. Backwoods Home is another good one.

Gorges Smythe said...

If I lived in town, Kathy, I'd probably spend some time at the library.

You're right, Mike, both are good.