Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Songs That I Remember From Grade School

I went to a three room country school the first five grades, and one thing we had at least once a week was singing. I can't remember all the songs we sang, but here's a list of the ones that I DO remember. They would be considered folks songs by most. One thing they did was instill a sense of history in us without us even thinking about it. I guess the lyrics were altered a bit on some songs to make them more suitable for kids, but they weren't changed a lot.

I was watching a Memorial Day show from DC recently and was sorely disappointed at the modern version of the army song. It turns out that I learned a slightly sanitized version of the original song, while the song was rewritten in 1953 as it is currently used. While they feel that the new version gives a broader view of the army's history, the original history of the song is completely lost. I think they should have just written a whole new song, rather than ruin the old one.

Regardless, here are the songs I remember. Some can be found by googling them. Others seem lost to history. Feel free to mention songs that YOU remember!

Who’s in the Kitchen with Dina?
Wreck of the Old 97
The Ballad of Casey Jones
The Ballad of John Henry
Goober Peas
Skip to my Lou
Red River Valley
America the Beautiful
Star Spangled Banner
Old Joe Clark
Little Liza Jane
Goodbye Old Paint
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Oh Shenandoah
Oh My Darling Clementine
Oh The West Virginia Hills
God Bless America
Blue-Tailed Fly
Jim Along Josie
La Cucaracha
Three Spanish Galleons
Hot Tortillas
Las Chiapanecas
Nelly Bly
Grandfather’s Clock
I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair
My Old Kentucky home
Old Folks at Home
Hail Columbia Gem of the Ocean
The Caisson Song
Anchors Away
The U.S. Air Force Song
The Marine Hymn


Caddie said...

The titles sure bring back some long ago memories of my childhood. I spent two years in one room with several grades of students - very packed; then a new school was opened ...and we spread our wings.

Lady Locust said...

It would be interesting to see how many school-kids would know any of those today...

Ralph Goff said...

Many of those are familiar to me from school days and later. Surprising how many U.S. based made their way into Canadian school programs. Of course all that U.S. tv we watched probably helped too.

Sixbears said...

You might have a year or two on me, but I remember just about all of those.

Euripides said...

One of the shameful aspects of modern progressive ideology is its disconnection with culture. (No, Game of Thrones does not count.) Because the ideology discounts anything from the past, it doesn't have the equipment to transmit culture from one generation to the next. The broad result is that successive generations are diminished because they have no connections and no foundations from the past.

Which is all a roundabout way of saying that I find it sad that most folks under about 40 would not recognize these songs.

Gorges Smythe said...

I bet you still treasure the memories of the little school, though, Caddie.

You're right, LL. I should check with my granddaughter!

That may be true, Ralph.

Careful there, Sixbears; it sounds like you might be slipping into geezerhood! - lol

Sad, but true, E!

Chickenmom said...

Used to know all of those from "The Stephen Foster Songbook" - remember that one, Gorges? :o)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I used to listen to Sing Along with Mitch and we had books with lyrics in them. I found some sing along books for my family when we traveled but no one wanted to sing along! I don't know if they just didn't like the old tunes or if it was my voice (I can't carry a tune). Regardless, I have a strumming type dulcimer and love to play the old songs like Red River Valley, Tom Dooley, Streets of Laredo, As the Band Played On, Bicycle Built for Two, etc.

Gorges Smythe said...

I've got one version upstairs, Cm!

So did we, Kathy. I LOVE dulcimer music. It reminds me of a bagpipe with that one unplayed string.