Sunday, July 17, 2016

What It Will Take To Stop Terrorism

I’ve written on this before, but it’s been a long time.

A neighbor of mine was a sniper in Vietnam. The price on the head of any sniper was $20,000 dollars; the price the Cong would pay for his gun was $25,000. Understandably, it was a dangerous job.

He quickly learned something. When he had to go on patrol with American troops and those troops came under fire, they would return fire until the Cong quit shooting. When the Cong stopped, they figured the episode was over.

When he went out with a Korean patrol (part of UN forces there) and they’d come under fire, they would also keep firing until the Cong stopped. The difference was what they did next. They would go to the closest village and kill every man, woman and child. They would even kill the animals, so they couldn’t be used by other Cong. After a few times, the Koreans could travel the country at will unmolested by enemy fire. Needless to say, my neighbor soon preferred to travel with Koreans.

And THAT my friend, is what it takes to win against terrorists. You must meet barbarism with overwhelming barbarism in return. Only then will the terrorists decide it’s not worth it. If we would bomb into oblivion the entire home-town of any terrorist caught in the act, terrorism would soon stop.

Unfortunately, western civilization doesn’t seem to have the stomach for doing what is necessary, so the terrorists continue to win. © 2016

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Pumice said...

When I was in Vietnam I saw this in a different way. When I was visiting on an Australian base there were no Vietnamese civilians working that did not have an armed Australian guard standing over them. On the American base they were allowed to roam around totally unsupervised. The Australians also had less trouble with the Viet Cong.

I wonder why?

Grace and peace.