Sunday, July 17, 2016

Who’s Foolin’ Who?

My wife and I like to watch “The Alaskan Bush People.” We know that it’s only partly true and the rest bogus, but it’s clean and is entertaining. There are times, though, that I really do wonder just who’s fooling who. The other night, the show had two brothers going grouse hunting. Fine and good until they started talking about “tracking grouse.” Now the area where they were was a mixture of gravel road, surrounded by a mixture of tall-grass fields and forest land with umpteen inches of duff atop the soil. Anything less than 50 pounds probably wouldn’t have leave a track at all. Grouse weigh a pound or so. Get the idea?

What really cracked me up was when, even after mentioning several times that male grouse “drum” to attract a mate (though they didn’t seem to know to use the term), one of the boys said that the male grouse flies up to a high tree limb and HOWLS to attract a mate. I cracked up. I don’t know if he was just trying to be humorous, was trying to fool the camera man, or was trying to fool the viewers. I do know that he didn’t fool any country folks or grouse hunters.

With TV being as worthless as it is these days, I guess I should just take my laughs where I can get them! (So I do.) © 2016


Sixbears said...

That's funny.

kymber said...

teehee. we don't have tv, only netflix, so if it isn't on netflix, we can't watch it. we just found a grouse feather down at the river today. we have tons of grouse up here and they make for mighty fine eating. for now, though, we feed them. they are very strange and awkward...king of like big mourning doves.

are the bus people in your show eskimos or inuit or whites? they sound kind of dumb...

sending love Gorges, as always! your friend,

Harry Flashman said...

I watched that show when it came out, but it seemed like to me those people were perilously close to "begging" a lot of the time, and it made me uncomfortable so I quit watching.

Gorges Smythe said...

I thought so, Sixbears.

They're white, kymber, but I'm not sure they're dumb. I think it's more being willing to do what it takes to keep the show rolling and being plumb full of sh_t!

Actually, Harry, they seem to be financially comfortable, when you check them out online. Anything for a buck, you know!

Gail said...

I don't watch many of those shows like that. Good thing they have a camera crew because some need saving.

I have enough trouble tracking a deer!

Gorges Smythe said...

You're right about the camera crew being a life-saver, Gail!