Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Third Cutting, Yellow Jackets, GOOD Honey And Poor Hygiene

I got the lawn about 2/3’s done yesterday. Due to foul weather and mower breakdowns, it was only about the fourth time for the year. It looked about like what our third cuttings of wild hay used to look like on the farm. Any clover or orchard grass had been lost to the hot weather or the deer. That left a little “fall grass” (crab grass), some form of small foxtail, broom sedge, various other green plants of unknown name and worth and what my dad called “greasy grass.”  I don’t know its official name, but it has purplish-colored seed-heads and leaves a dark oily substance on your fingers when you rub your hand through it. Some of the broom sedge was three feet tall! I mowed very slowly, but the job was still a bit rough-looking. It’ll look a lot better if I can mow it again soon.

About twenty minutes from “quitting time’ yesterday, I felt a familiar sensation on my left side, swatted a bit and floored the mower. Yep, yellow-jackets! It had been so rainy this spring that I hadn’t really been watching for them. STUPID mistake! FIVE minutes from finishing up today, I got lax and felt TWO familiar sensations, one on the back of my left arm and one on my left hand. Once again, I swatted and gunned the mower. I’d been over the spot several times and thus considered it safe, but not so.

Tonight, I went out after dark and found the first nest and gassed it good. I couldn’t find the second one though, and a couple of the little devils started flying around from the light, so I’ll try to mark the nest with a stick tomorrow and get them that night. Last night, I learned that acetaminophen and Chlortabs do nothing to lessen the ache of a sting. Tonight, my wife found some Sting-Kill, so I’ll see how IT does.

A friend of my sister lost her husband last year and his beehives died last winter, as well. I understood that she had several gallons of honey that she needed rid of and called her recently, offering to buy some. It turned out that I had heard wrong, but she sent me a little tiny jar of what she had for free, unexpected by me. I’ll have to send her a thank you card. I put it in the little bear that I’d gotten at Walmart, and it was so stiff, compared to the phony stuff that Walmart sells, that I can barely squeeze it out of the bear! It’s good, dark fall honey, like I prefer, so it tastes much better, too.

I SHOULD go shower, but I’m going to put on the Sting-Kill and go to bed grubby. (You can do that when you have your own bedroom and no job to be at when six in the morning rolls around.) © 2016


Vicki said...

Yellow Jackets - nasty, ill tempered little buggers. Stepped on a nest once. They stung my face and neck and were moving down into my shirt. Husband thought I had lost my mind - dancing about and stripping off my shirt, tossing it into the woods. Only good thing was that I now know for sure I am not allergic to yellow jacket stings.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I don't know about yellow jackets but I've heard if you chew up a little plantain and then put that on the sting, it helps. Otherwise baking soda might.

deborah harvey said...

i hope that you bathed this morning!

Gorges Smythe said...

lol - I guess there's a good side to everything,Vicki!

I've never tried plantain, Kathy, but we used baking soda when I was a kid, and I believe that it DID help a little bit.

Nah, dh, I think I'll just wait until my usual Saturday rinse-off. ;-)