Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bah! Humbug!

Old Ebenezer and I might have seen eye to eye on a few things. I went to Chinamart today and was accosted by some little (and not so little) girls in skimpy little outfits, some of them holding batons. They were collecting for their cheer-leading club, I assume. I only half heard what they were pitching. It wouldn’t have mattered; my response is always the same anymore, except for some veterans groups and the Salvation Army. Besides, I’ve seen a few of the routines they teach those girls, and some were called “bump and grind” back in my day.

I was a Boy Scout, but I no longer donate to them. It’s been a long time since they taught kids the things that they SHOULD be teaching them. It tells you something that the “God and Country” award is no more, nor are most of the merit badges that once required that they know survivalist and preparedness skills. Most things that I saw the last time that I tried to look it up were either rather useless in real life, were about social issues, or were downright PC. THEN, they decided that it was okay to have gay scout masters. Nope; not on MY nickel!

I don’t donate to the Girl Scouts any longer, either, OR buy their cookies. Their cookies have been notoriously over-priced for years anyway; you really were just donating, not BUYING anything to speak of. Their agenda is all PC now, and rather urban-oriented from what I can tell. Then there’s that whole link to Planned Parenthood thing that they try to deny, but which is as real as the murder that group perpetuates. Nope, once again, not on MY nickel!

Then there are all the various school teams and little leagues and peewee football teams wanting help. I really couldn’t afford to help them all if I wanted to. Besides, I’m not as sold on sports as most folks. Then again, when I was a kid, those who needed money for sports mowed yards, raked leaves and ran errands to raise funds to pay for what they needed, even fairly young kids. Now they stand at the door at Chinamart and look at you like you’re from outer-space if you give them a smile and a “no thank you.” Begging is socially acceptable these days; work apparently isn’t.

Maybe I should just start saying “Bah! Humbug” when I get accosted by the little beggars. Then again, most would probably have no idea in the world what I was referencing, since neither schools nor parents seem to teach their kids anything of value anymore. It’s a different world these days. © 2016


Harry Flashman said...

I'm not really big on charities either. I especially hate to be accosted on the town square, where they know you have to stop and they come up to your windows and ask for money.

Gorges Smythe said...

I don't give to hardly anything anymore. I was generous when I had it to spare, but we're barely making ends meet now, so they can donate to US! lol

Pumice said...

Rest assured that if you actually gave them a nickle they would sneer at you more than they do for nothing. Wear it as a spiritual merit badge, for discernment.

Grace and peace.

Fredd said...

We are not much into the donation game anymore, either, particularly to the Boy and Girl Scout programs. Those are unrecognizable from their former selves.

Gorges Smythe said...

It was a figure of speech, Pumice, but I guess I could do that with really pushy ones, just like leaving a bad waitress a penny!

They certainly are, Fredd.

Mad Jack said...

I donate to my church (I'm a member) and to the Salvation Army. I will occasionally donate to the Gun Owners of America, but I do so anonymously. I don't want my mailbox flooded with crap.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's hard to give on the sly anymore, MJ, but I on't blame you.