Friday, September 30, 2016

Is The Drought Over?

Only time will tell, I guess. The last couple months have been very dry here. That’s not a good thing for a guy whose house is surrounded on three sides by forest, especially with leaf fall beginning. Still, the last couple days and nights have been drizzly and rainy, with a little thunder and lightning. The total rainfall, so far, is about an inch. That’s too little too late to help the farmers, but it may still help the gardeners some.

I’ve enjoyed the rainy weather, but my wife isn’t keen on it. Like most of us, she’d be happy if rain only fell at night. The dog doesn’t mind rainy weather, until she has to go out in it to relieve herself, then she prefers that I hold an umbrella for her. However, I only do that if it’s pouring and she’s getting desperate. She doesn’t like the thunder, though, and barks and growls at it until it either stops or she wears down.

Our electric went off at 6:30 this morning. I was slightly awake and noticed that my C-PAP had stopped working. I got up, knowing that my wife and the pooch would be beside themselves. My wife hates a dark house and the dog has been used to 24-hour-a-day light and television for all of her seven years. At 9:30, I called the power company and got their wonderful little canned message with its handy-dandy little menu. It seemed to have trouble differentiating between my “yes’s” and “No’s,” so I ended up having to yell my answers into the phone. They predicted a return of power by 12:30, so I offered to take my two housemates out for a while, and they both accepted.

First, I took the missus to the big craft store in town, where she wandered around for about an hour, too poor to buy anything. I scouted for wild edibles while she was there, but found only a few “second cutting” milkweeds. Afterward, we had lunch at the fallen arches restaurant. The pooch ordered her usual double cheeseburger, plain.

Then, I took the missus to the mall, where she wandered a bit more, before tiring out. While she was inside, I found a private place for the pooch and I to relieve ourselves (THAT’S not easy anymore) and let her walk and sniff a bit. I also scouted for wild edibles, but this time of year, that place is pretty barren. I ended up having to pick my wife up at a different door since she didn’t think she could make it back to where I’d parked. Part of the problem, though, is that one of her hips is bothering her so much anymore.

We then left for home and got back at 12:30 on the dot, and the power WAS on. The pooch and I sat on the porch a while and I noticed a couple big grapevines in the edge of the woods that I’d planned on cutting. I think I’ll try making a big wreath out of them, since that’s what my wife wanted this morning, but couldn’t afford. They wanted $20 for a large plain one, which is ridiculous. I used to make them for people all the time, but never sold any. Guess it’s time to make another one. © 2016


deborah harvey said...

you need to get that hip x-rayed.
don't keep wearing it out.
leave the surgeon something to work with.
just had mine replaced.
look on craig's list for a cheap second-hand 'rollator'.
like a walker with wheels and can be sat upon and rolled.

deborah harvey said...

by the way, if you move to town how will you sit on the porch in your undies while dog becomes relieved?
until you are too old to drive or need to live next door to a hospital it is a bad idea for an outdoorsman.

Gorges Smythe said...

There's absolutely no money for it, dh, that's the problem.

Some things would have to change, dh. - lol

deborah harvey said...

ask your doc. ours has a list of helping organizations.
that is how we got our daughter's migraine meds.

Gorges Smythe said...

We may do that, dh, thanks.