Monday, September 12, 2016

My Email Accounts

My service provider allows you to have up to five email accounts. I’m not sure why most folks would need that many, but that certainly seems generous. At one time, I actually used all five. I had my personal account, my blog account, my “legal” account where all official stuff went and one account each for two small LLC’s that I then had. When I closed the LLC’s, naturally I closed those two accounts. I also used my legal account for online ordering and such. Over the years, despite clicking on every company’s unsubscribe option, nearly every one of them continues to spam me to this day. I even went through the process to bar them from the account that the service provider offers, but I either don’t know how to use it or it doesn’t work. The few times that it did seem to work, the companies just used a different account and spammed me anyway.

It’s gotten so ridiculous that I recently considered closing the account altogether. I moved the three folks that I actually wanted to communicate with to another account. Then, I had to order a pair of jeans online, since no-one in town wants to stock clothes for blubber-butts anymore. I KNEW that if I gave them one of my other accounts that the whole cycle would start over again, so I gave them my “legal” account when I saw that it was a “required” field. So, my new plans are to keep that account after all. Anytime I check it, I just delete everything, unless I’m expecting something particular.

The companies know that people get fed up with them and are beginning to pull a few stunts to pique people’s curiosity. Some are acting like the pitches are actually personal messages from individual people. Others are using single letters as being the name of the sender, instead of using the company name. One company has even found a way to send an email with no name at all as to who sent it; it’s just blank until you click on it (which I did only once, just to see who the jerk was). I guess tolerating spam is just one of the necessary evils in life. At least I don’t have to check each source anymore; I can just delete them all without looking, unless I just ordered something, of course. © 2016


Pumice said...

One of your problems is that you are so active in communications. It amazes me how often I see comments you have left different places. The only thing I am getting at this point is from the city I live in. I have never given them an e-mail but they have gotten hold of it somehow. Everything else I consider spam I know why I am getting it like adds from Costco.

Check your local friends and see if there is a geek that can help you. My son tweaks things for me and whatever he does it works well.

But again, I don't get out as much as you do.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

I go VERY few places where I have to disclose my email, Pumice. I think what happened is that one of the folks that I did business with sold my name and email.