Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Bad And The Good

I went to Lowe's today to pick up some black mammy and a roll of aluminum flashing to repair my roof. Both were about $10 when I checked two or three weeks ago. The flashing was still the same price, but I swear it was a shorter length roll, though I could be mistaken. The black mammy was $14.50, nearly a 50% increase in less than a month! Between that and needing to buy TWO rolls of the current sized flashing, I would have needed to spend nearly double what I'd planned. I was so disgusted that I left without buying anything.

With our tight budget these days, I've been buying a thing or two at a time that I would need to repair my roof, including a cheap but safe pair of shoes to wear up there. If I have to pay that much for the black mammy, I may check with the local mom and pop to see if their price is anywhere close. I also think I'll check with my roofer neighbor to see if he has any stray shingles that he'll sell cheap, instead of using flashing, like I'd planned. Then, all I'll need to do is cut a hole in my bedroom wall where the window is, so I can get out onto the roof, since I can't climb a ladder anymore.

My wife doesn't want me on the roof, since I usually walk with a cane, but I usually have it with me more as a precautionary measure than anything, including for self defense. I WILL use a rope to be sure that I won't go rolling off the 28 degree angle roof (almost a 1/3 pitch). I'd probably make an awfully big grease-spot after falling two stories. Old folks don't bounce like young ones. I wish I could just afford to hire it done, but I never have the winning ticket, probably because I rarely BUY a ticket.

On another note, something has apparently crawled under our front porch and died. I suspect a cat that hung around here some, and may have been a stray. I couldn't be sure if it WAS a stray, or belonged to one of the neighbors, though. I guess I'll find what it is tomorrow, because the smell is getting noticeable. Of course, if it's a mouse, I'll never see it anyway; there's only about four inches of clearance some places, and the best I could do would be to hook something with a pole.

On a BRIGHTER note, while my wife looked through one of the local craft supply stores, wishing she had the money to spend that she once did, I scouted for future foraging. I found a couple small patches of wild Jerusalem artichoke that I can dig later for "seed." I'm not big with them, but if I can keep the deer and the voles out of them, they certainly don't take any effort to grow. I haven't had much success yet, but my plan is to have several wild edible plants around that don't require honey bees to pollinate, or much effort to grow. I'm going to have to build a deer fence before I have any luck, though. Thankfully, I can build it out of poles from my woods and spend little or no money. It's something to work towards. © 2016


baili said...

hope you get your roof problem solve soon ,wives are mostly so caring about their husband's weel being so hope you will mend your roof with the help of some labor .best wishes for you and family

deborah harvey said...

maybe hang on a while longer and see if a cousin or step child will help you.
if you cut a hole in the wall, then become injured, who will repair the hole? winter is coming and that would be chilly!

Lady Locust said...

Hey you, be careful up there. Also, might put a quick 'want' note on Craigslist to see if anybody has a partial roll of either that you need before buying. That's the sort of thing that sits in a shop or garage unused - forever!

Pumice said...

I saw, or linked to, and article about a Korean shipping company going bankrupt and all of there loaded ships are offshore unable to unload. It think it said this tied up 8% of the world's shipping and is leading to shortages and rising prices. I don't see how that time would work on what you were buying but who knows? Maybe the unions in China and Mexico are demanding higher wages.

Grace and peace

SJ from Vancouver BC said...

I found your blog through Mom's Scribbles. First time to comment here. I grow Jerusalem artichokes in big 'toy' tubs that chinamart used to sell. Big plastic ones with rope handles - some places call them party tubs.
Anyway, I punched a few holes in the bottom, added the 'seed' and now a year later, they're packed with the roots. Might help with your voles, not sure about the deer issue.
I'm going to transplant a few and try them in an old kid's play pool that I trash picked a few weeks ago. I don't know if that will be deep enough, but hey, it was free. SJ in Vancouver BC

Gorges Smythe said...

Time will tell, Baili.

I have no home-owners, dh, so I'm scared to let anyone else up there.

Hadn't thought of that, LL!

Yeah, Pumice, I've been reading about that, too. And those Chinese labor unions are really powerful I hear!

That's a good idea, SJfVBC!

Sixbears said...

Careful with that roof project. I've got good ladders and used to be firefighter, but now I make sure I have help -at least someone around to call 911 if needed.

I like Jerusalem artichokes -or as they call them these days, sun chokes. Anything that thrives on poor soil and neglect works for me. They are good slow cooked for a long time. Also like to dehydrate them to add to soups later. Like the nutty flavor they add. Sometimes turn them into chips. Once planted you can't kill them if you wanted to.

Gorges Smythe said...

"Anything that thrives on poor soil and neglect works for me" Me, too, Sixbears! - lol