Tuesday, September 6, 2016

This MAY Ruffle A Few Feathers!

I’ve been watching along a bit as my wife has watched the Downton Abbey reruns on PBS. I was disappointed to see that the writer couldn’t keep a civil tongue about America, just like the writer of Anne of Green Gables a few years earlier. The former was set in England, the latter in Canada.

In the old days, I suppose the Brits had a burr up their backside that The U.S. was the first nation to be successful in casting off the yoke of British oppression. That was no doubt part of the reason for the apparent hatred so many had for America.

Let’s face it; all empires are set up to steal everything of value from the countries they put under subjection. Since the British Empire was the largest in history, it was automatically the greatest thief. Just look at India, once the richest nation on earth. Britain stole everything it had until it became the poorest nation on earth. Since the U.S. ultimately spread to the far coast, can you imagine the riches that Britain missed out on by losing first our war for independence, and then the War of 1812? Some of them apparently never forgave us for winning those two wars.

Today, there is a second embarrassment. It would have been ALMOST impossible for them to have won WWI without our help, but they MIGHT have survived. Had we not helped them in WWII, though, they would now be speaking German, plain and simple. To be crass, that means America kicked their butts twice and saved their butts twice. I guess that’s enough to give some of their folks a bad case of insecurity. (I guess it would be mean to point out that Germans are still on the throne there.)

As for any bad blood any Canadian may have for America, I guess it can either be written off to ignorance, or else the arrogance absorbed by too long of an association with England. In fact, some of their money still sports the likeness of the queen. There’s nothing specifically wrong with that, but it DOES prove my point.

As for my readers who live in Canada or the U.K., rest assured that I have absolutely nothing against the good and decent people of either nation. We are far more similar than we are different. However, if this shoe fits anyone reading this, please feel free to wear it! © 2016


Ralph Goff said...

Absolute Downton Abbey fan here. I tend to not even notice the political stuff and just watch for the pure enjoyment of it.

JaneofVirginia said...

The author and creator of Downton Abbey is Julian Fellowes. Although I have only caught a few of the Downton Abbey episodes in their entirety over the years, Julian Fellowes is known to me from his role as an actor as a longstanding character in my favorite series Monarch of the Glen, which was set in Highland Scotland in the more or less the present day. Mr. Fellowes is a member of the British upper crust and therefore is likely to hold views which don't necessary match those of other British people anyway.
My mother was a British gentlewoman and over the years I always believed that it was simply her personality to tell everyone what they were doing wrong. The fact is that I am fresh from another long discussion on Linkedin with Brits on firearms in America. The reality is, and this is borne out by many people I know, who have lived in England for a time, this is simply a cultural British practice. The British believe themselves to be the best administrators, the best organizers, the most civilized culture, and a beacon for the world in general. Although the Brits are quite good administrators, educators, and usually communicators, the rest of the world considers the habit of telling everyone else what to do, to be rude.
In many nations, they believe that Americans do this too. Perhaps those of us who do, got it from the British !
I do share your annoyance in that many Brits and a few Canadians sometimes offer solutions to things they don't even marginally understand here in the US. Best wishes,

Lady Locust said...

I watched one of the first episodes of DTA to see what all the hubub was about, was not impressed so never watched another. I do think at least part of what you are referring to is just due to the era we are in. To slander is "normal." To admit blame and or weakness in any form is unheard of.

Fredd said...

The Brit entertainment business is no different than ours, it's run by bleeding heart liberals. And liberals throughout the world hate the U.S., even the liberals here.

You will get a different take from a British Torrie (the counterpart of our Republican/conservative party). They appreciate our common roots, and are pragmatic about maintaining a positive alliance with the U.S.

So don't go getting all down in the dumps because some Brit show on the telly bad mouths Uncle Sam from time to time, Gorges. There are plenty of Brits who appreciate all the U.S. has done for them and can do for them going forward.

Sixbears said...

We didn't exactly win the war of 1812. Canada, however, was able to pull together and repel the US invasion. It did much to pull their nation together. We got lucky that it didn't turn out worse for us that it did. Our most successful battle took place after the peace treaty was signed.

Friends just came back from London, UK. They are huge History buffs and spent a lot of time in museums. They were amused to see how the Brits viewed us rebels. Some things really stuck out. One military unit had its worse defeat, almost totally wiped out, against the Americans. Sticks in their craw that the unit flag is at West Point.

I'm amazed they still treat the royals with such respect. It's one thing to have a pet queen. It's something else to take the whole thing seriously.

Gorges Smythe said...

lol - That's good if you can do it, Ralph, but I'm not forgiving!

Jane, I realize that not all Brits are bad, anymore than every "Yank" is an "ugly American." I just don't see the need for gratuitous insults and "American" characters in the story with the table manners of a possum supping on roadkill (played by wacko Shirley McClaine).

You're certainly correct, LL.

I'm not in the dumps, Fredd; I'm just disgusted by the ignorance and bad manners of some supposedly intelligent people.

Technically, Sixbears, you're right about us not "winning" the War of 1812; I guess it would be called a tie. Had England been able to bring the full force of their military against us, we wouldn't have lasted for a heartbeat. However, they were already beginning to suffer the fate of the Roman Empire in that they had too large of an empire to maintain total control, thus they were stretched too thin to reclaim us as colonies as they supposed they could. Incidentally, some fellow on Facebook the other day was going on that the U.S. started the War of 1812. He failed to mention England enslaving American sailors stolen from American ships to be sailors in their navy. Striking at Canada was the quickest way to adequately register our seriousness in stopping the practice. Unfortunately, it was neither well thought out nor carried out properly.

Gail said...

There is always someone unhappy with others. Mom used to say. Like water off a duck's back...not to let it bother you.

Thanks. It was fun to do something fun instead of just working. Hope the paint protects it for several years more.

Have a blessed week.

Gorges Smythe said...

LOL - I guess this IS the age of "offense," Gail!