Wednesday, September 7, 2016

War Memories

Posting the old war bird photos brought back some memories of things that my father told me. I really should write them down.

For a while, he worked driving a fuel truck (straight frame, I think) to refuel planes, probably at the airfield where the photos all appear to have been taken (Ashiya, Japan). Remember that he was only 18 when he went in and 21 when he came out. One day as he followed another driver, he eased up against him and slowly accelerated, the other driver thought his throttle was stuck, so eventually applied the brakes. Dad then eased back and let the guy go on. When they got to the airstrip, the guy was telling Dad that his truck was acting goofy, so Dad let him in on what happened.

Another time, he went up in a B-25 to help look for a downed plane. They found that it had crashed nearly straight down in a swampy area. When they went there on foot, They learned that the engine had gone down 20 feet or more into the muck. I don’t remember if the pilot got out first or not.
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