Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Day In The Life Of An Old Geezer

I showered last night, so I wouldn’t have to do so this morning, since I was planning to take my truck to the shop. I set my alarm for seven, since they open at eight. Unfortunately, when I got up at 3:30 last night to take the dog out, I never got back to sleep. I made it there in plenty of time this morning. But, even though the workers were wandering around inside, they hadn’t bothered opening up yet, even by ten after, so I left and went to a shop up the block.

The first shop was a good place when the original owner ran it, but he was a skirt-chaser and his wife got the business in the divorce. She really loved the guy and was heart-broken. Unfortunately, she let it affect the way that she ran the business. Finally, she got remarried and moved out of state, letting a long list of managers run the place, most of them what I would term “kids.” Now it’s dirty, the workers are slovenly, and they haven’t opened on time for years.

The other place is run by a woman a few years short of retirement (at least the office is). It’s neat and clean and they always open on time. Needless to say, I find myself going there most of the time. The lemon that I drive (2007 Toyota Tundra Crew Max 4WD w/5.7 engine, purchased new) has been making various thumps, bangs, squeaks, squawks, dings  and vibrations but, of course, only when there’s no mechanic around. This morning was no exception. They DID find three of the five lug nuts lose on the driver’s side rear tire. I’m glad they did, before damage was done. While it was there, I had them change the oil, replace a wiper and wash the thing. Also while I was there, two younger employees called in “sick.” The lady said that, in reality, they probably just didn’t want to work that day. Only the older folks seem to have much work ethic anymore.

Then, I went home and fought with the missus about what it cost. Poverty tends to put folks on edge. I tried sleeping for a little while, but had no luck. When I got up, I decided to go get a haircut. Surprisingly, the missus wanted to go along for the ride. Afterward, I dropped off a couple religious books to a nice fellow that I met online. Then, my wife wanted to go to the craft shop and get a grapevine wreath to decorate, but didn’t have enough money. I offered to make up the difference, but she decided that $20 for a made-in-China wreath was highway robbery anyway. I’d mentioned making her one, but she must not like my handiwork.

When we got back again, the mail lady had a letter for us from the sheriff, telling us that the folks buying my old home place were going to lose the place to taxes, if something didn’t happen pronto. This happens every year, so I was expecting it. I’ll have to make a phone call to them tomorrow. I lay down for a while again, and it felt good to lie down and let my feet shrink a little, but I STILL couldn’t nap any, so I got up again.

My wife and I sat on the porch with the pooch for a little while this evening, until the skeeters found us. Since then, she’s been trying to find something worthwhile on the TV (with no luck), and I’ve been on the computer. So far, I’ve heard the sound of a prison show and “The Little Floozies… errr… “Women” of L.A.” coming from her room. Pickin’s are slim these days. Sometimes, our lives just underwhelm us. © 2016


Lady Locust said...

Hope you sleep well tonight. Waking at that hour is a bugger unless it's calving or lambing season.

Vicki said...

I have been told that age has a lot to do with sleeplessness. I only sleep three or four hours at a time. Guess that gives me geezer status, doesn't it. :)

Gorges Smythe said...

We never got up with our cattle, LL, and we never had sheep. However, there are times that the Mighty Dachshund will wet the carpet if she can't wake up my wife, so if I wake up, I take her out.

lol - I guess we're in the same club, Vicki, and probably for more reasons than just sleep!

Sixbears said...

I'm lucky these days if I can get 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Fortunately, I'm pretty good at napping. Comes from years of practice while on the job. :)

I've got a really mechanic in town. He keeps threatening to retire. Hope he keeps at it. The guy is not cheap, but does good work and I can trust him. His motto is, "Quality only hurts once."

Fredd said...

I had a 2008 Toyota Tundra 4x4 with the 5.7liter V8. Enormous power, really crappy mileage, tho: about 14 mpg normal driving,no load. When towing our 35' travel trailer, that went down to 6 mpg. And worse in hilly terrain (3 mpg).

Gorges Smythe said...

Good motto, Sixbears.

I got about 18 in town and 19 on the highway, when I tested it a few years ago, Fredd. I can't complain, my old GMC only got 16 with a 350. This one has never had to work for a living, though.