Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Day In The Life

I had to get up early (for me) today, so the missus and I could be at the bank when it opened. There, I withdrew my grossly inadequate monthly stipend, gave my wife her cut and headed to the DMV, so that she could renew her license/registration. The crowd at the DMV was pretty light today, possibly because it was raining. I think my wife was the fourth person in the door and we were out in 10 minutes. THAT’S never happened before. I’ve always noticed that there are only 2-3 folks out front when the door opens, but gradually, more women drift in. On days when the wait has been long, I’ve seen them still drifting in a half-hour after opening. I don’t know if they purposely schedule them that way, or if they just come in when they feel like it.

Afterward, we went to Chinamart, where I got a little stainless steel cooking pot for “camping.” I actually got it for cooking foraged items, including sassafras tea. (In reality, there’s a second, smaller pot that nests in the big one that I’d use for teas.) I HATED to buy the $10 off-brand Chinese version, but the $25 American brand was made over there, too.

When we got home, I took the pooch out and kept her with me while I put a tarp over the lawn mower, in case it rained again. I also broke the handle out of the brush hook that I mentioned the other day, to prepare for making it into a bill hook. As I looked at it, I decided that I could probably save the stamped steel socket and cut about 3-1/2 inches off the lower end and make a light axe for trimming and carrying in the woods. I think there’d still be more than enough blade to make a bill hook. That way, I’d get TWO tempered tools out of one.

I also stood the old grubbing hoe under the deck out of the weather. I sort of dread cutting a hickory tree for a handle, since I don’t have that many hickories around. (Grammar-Check tells me that last sentence is a fragment, but it lies all the time, so I usually ignore it.) Since the Emerald Ash Borers are in the area, I might be wise to settle for an ash handle, before they're all ruined, but they aren’t as strong as hickory.

After a nap, and watching The 700 Club with my wife (I’m not Pentecostal, but watch it anyway), I took the pooch out again and sat on the porch with her until the mosquitoes finally found me. Then, I came in and did a few things on the computer. From the sound, I can tell that the missus is watching “The Little Floosies Women of LA” right now for lack of anything better to watch. Things get desperate sometimes, I guess.

I tried to find my phone a little while ago, to make my usual evening call to Mom, but couldn’t locate it even after checking the truck. I had the missus call my number and was soon reminded that it was charging at the wall socket beside the chair where I was sitting. Yup, senility, thy name is Gorges! Guess I’d better wrap this up and get it posted so you folks can thrill at all the excitement in my life. Hope your day was more productive than mine! © 2016


Vicki said...

Ah, Gorges...I think I would rather live the quiet life. Talked to Youngest Son yesterday. He and his wife keep schedules on their phones and they compare them daily to see who has to take the kids to activities and who has to pick them up and when. My biggest decision is what to cook for supper, and I like it that way. :)

Sixbears said...

Service at my state's DMV is pretty good. They are fast, know what they are doing, and lines are often non existent. That doesn't mean they don't have a few quirks. When I lost my license when out of state they would not mail me a new one. Had to show up in their office.

I find I have order more and more stuff through the mail to get anything American made.

Lady Locust said...

Say, kudos on making it in and out of DMV in 10 min. That is a feat unto itself:) Also, will have to show us pix of the two tools from one - sounds pretty clever to me.

Gorges Smythe said...

I can't blame you, Vicki.

It's getting harder to buy American, Sixbears; that's for sure.

I'll try to remember to to take photos, LL.