Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Not-Quite Wasted Wednesday

I didn’t sleep well the first part of the night, so when I took the dog out at 3:30, I stayed up an hour-and-a-half on the computer so as to get a little sleepier. Not surprisingly, when I woke up at 7:30, I didn’t feel much like getting dressed and heading to the chiropractor as I’d planned. So, the NEXT time that I woke up, it was 10am.

I then went downstairs and got back on the computer, while the missus fixed a VERY early lunch (brunch?). She wanted to rest a while and watch a couple shows before she headed to the chiropractor with me (just for the ride) so I didn’t get there until 2pm. The doc gave me a full twist and shout, so I was there a bit longer than I expected. We then stopped at the greasy arches restaurant and got a 50 cent ice cream cone apiece for us and the Mighty Dachshund, who was in the back seat. The missus then wanted to take the long way home, via the small town up the river. During all this, my water pill, which I’d taken late, was working all too well. In the two hours that we were gone, I had to drain three times, plus upon leaving and returning home.

I’d originally hoped to put the wheels on my chainsaw mill frame, which is stored on the bench below the house, and pull it up here to finish it. I knew that would involve getting my battery drill and bits located, along with a jig to help me drill straight holes, so the 5/8ths bolt axles would be set right. So, I just aired up the tires and called that project good enough for the day.

The small end of a small wild cherry treetop that has been hanging below the edge of our yard for 4-5 years recently deteriorated enough that it broke and hit the ground. So, I rounded up three chains and connected them to the treetop and gingerly gave it a pull with the truck. I knew that it was still somewhat attached, but it broke and pulled up the grade easily up to my wood rack, where I’ll try to cut it up tomorrow or the next day. I’d thought the treetop was dead, and that the leaves around it belonged to the tree next door. I was surprised to see that not only were the leaves attached to the treetop, but that MOST of the treetop was still alive.

By the time I got the chain all disconnected, the missus was calling from the door that our leftovers from lunch were warm, so I called it a day. Oh well, I didn’t get much done today, but at least there was a little progress. They’re calling for rain tomorrow, so I don’t know if I’ll be outside or sorting things in the basement but I’ll try to do SOMETHING at least. © 2016

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