Sunday, October 23, 2016

A “Sort Of” Visit To Lowe’s

I took the missus to “the other” Chinamart today, to get a few things we forgot or couldn’t find at “ours” yesterday. Since we had the Mighty Dachshund with us, we picked up a plain double cheeseburger from McD’s for me to hand feed her as my wife shopped. After leaving my wife at the far door of Chinamart, I drove to the Lowe’s next door and parked. There, I stood at the open rear door and tore off one little bite at a time for the pooch. After she finished, I gave her a good combing and brushing, and then I put the leash on her and headed for the entry to Lowe’s.

It makes no sense to me, but the handicapped spaces at Lowe’s are beyond both the entry and exit, rather than between them, as would be the best way to actually benefit the handicapped. However, since all those spaces between the doors were filled with “non-handicapped” vehicles, I did end up using one of the outlying handicapped spaces. At least the electric carts were reasonably close the door inside. (No, Grammar-Check, I meant CARTS, not CARS!)

The Mighty Dachshund had never been in the store before, let alone in the basket of a cart, and it was obvious that her courage was waning fast. Finally, I took her out and let her walk, but I had to watch closely, as she just didn’t seem to know how to heel with an electric cart. After a couple minutes, I put her on the cart, between my feet, and she seemed better. She was still a nervous wreck, but she was comforted some by feeling my feet at each end of her little carcass.

My reason for going to Lowe’s was to pick up a couple spare bow saw blades that their website mentioned that they are supposed to carry. When I asked a couple young female employees standing in the front aisle just where I might find the blades, they directed me to their “Tool World” section. Needless to say, the girls didn’t know their backsides from a mole hill. Not only were there no blades for bow saws, there were no “outdoor” type tools of ANY kind—no shovels, no rakes, no axes, no mattocks, no pole saws, no nuthin’. There WERE, of course, multiple electric tools and manual “inside” tools, like hammers, squares, chisels, etc. I knew there had to be another section somewhere that contained such tools, but the Mighty Dachshund was acting far from mighty by that time, so we left. Maybe I can go back another day when she’s not along (or leave her in the ventilated truck now that weather is cooler and not tell the missus).

After THAT little fiasco, we went to a far corner of the lot, and I backed the truck up to the curb next to a grassy area. Then, I put the harness on the pooch along a retractable 25 foot leash, put down the tailgate, had a seat and let her roam and sniff. For about half-an-hour, she wandered around, watched the traffic and the people, barked at those returning to their cars at Bob Evans (until I reminded her that it wasn’t her turf), sniffed incessantly, pooped once and peed thrice. When she finally came and sat down to my left, I knew that she was done, so we went over and checked out their plastic tool sheds, a few feet away. Then, I returned her to the back seat and drove over next to the door where my wife went in and waited until she returned.

Incidentally, I was both shocked and amused at the prices for their plastic tool sheds—$299 for a 5x2 and $429 for a 5x4. I’ve seen children’s toy-boxes almost as big for a whole lot less. © 2016


Sunnybrook Farm said...

You don't want those blades since they are chinese and made from very low grad steel like the bands that hold lumber together. The teeth aren't actually sharpened but stamped out jagged and will kind if cut by the sharp points. The metal is so bad that I couldn't even use a file on it. I ended up getting an old one at an antique store and just sharpened it. Much better depth of the teeth on the old ones, they were made to use and sharpen.
If you really want one at Lowes they aren't with the tools up front but should be with the tools that are over near the chain saws and weed eaters if it is like our lowes.

Catherine said...

Gorges--in our Lowes, the outdoor tools are on the wall between the store and the nursery section, where they have the BBQ grills, lawn mowers, and chain saws. You may have had trouble finding them because that seems to be the section where they put all the HallowThanksMas decorations.

Their tool selection tend to be fairly limited, anyway. Try Tractor Supply or Rural King (if they are in your area.) The girls in those stores will know what's what.

(Beauregard the Wonder Foxhound sends sniffs to the Mighty Dachshund!)

Sixbears said...

I'm glad we still have local places that sell real outdoor tools to people who need them to make a living. The big box stores are terrible.

Good thing there are still folks around here who make their living in the woods.

Lady Locust said...

If you make it back, check by the grills and patio stuff. It seems odd, but power washers, chainsaws, and so forth are "hidden" beyond those things.

Gorges Smythe said...

They're supposed to stock Fiskars, SF, which ARE now made in China, but are still good blades FOR NOW. My eventual plan is to get a buck saw blade from Lehman's and build or buy a buck saw.

Thanks, Catherine, and I'll pass along Beauregard's "regards."

Unfortunately, Sixbears, the local folks HERE are part of the ACE supply chain and stock worthless blades.

Thanks, LL!

Joy said...

I love hearing about the Mighty Dachshund, BTW, does she have a name? And can you post a photo of her.

Gorges Smythe said...

Your wish is my command, Joy!