Monday, October 24, 2016

An Almost Profanity-Free Visit To The Veterinarian

I had a less than complimentary post on here a year or two ago about the vet clinic where I’d done business for 46 years at the time. I’ve learned that most vet offices are similar though, so I continue to deal with them, since they are the closet to my home. The pooch was a little late on her distemper and rabies shots and her heartworm meds so, unfortunately, I had to take her there today. I didn’t bother making an appointment because the last I knew, such things weren’t needed just to get a dog’s shots. Times have changed. They now tie an exam to the distemper shot and insist there’s no charge for the exam.

I asked when the first open slot was, and they told me that the little red-headed %$#@*&(+ who was willing to let the Mighty Dachshund die the last time that I was there (for lack of $100 in my wallet)  had a 9:30 open (it was almost 9:30 then). I managed to bite my tongue and not tell them that I’d drive my dog clear to California rather than let him ever touch her again. I DID ask if the doctor was available who I’d dealt with for many years, but he was off. When asked if any other doctors were available, they mentioned that a lady doc who’d we’d had before was available “right now.” I told the girl at the desk that would be great. “Right now” turned out to be 45 minutes later. The whole time, the Mighty Dachshund was a shivering, shaking, leg climbing, whimpering jumble of nerves. She’s not so mighty at the vets; after all, nothing good ever happens to her there.

Interestingly enough, the distemper shot with the “free” exam cost me $47, as opposed to $22 for the rabies shot. Free exam my _$$! THEN, they charged me $4 for a “Biohazard Disposal Fee!” I got a real break on her heartworm meds, though; they would have been about $156 had I bought the six-month supply a month at a time. Lucky me, I got them for ONLY $111.86! My total bill came to $184.86. The $50 that I’d planned to give the tire shop was GONE. So was the few dollars of mad money that I’d saved in case we made it to Amish country this month. And, naturally, so was the $100+ I’d allowed for the vet. I had $10 in ones left in my wallet when I returned home.

Once upon a time, veterinarians would come to the farm for large animals. Now, farmers have to be their own vets, since the “good doctors” prefer to stay in the office where the small animals and the good money are found. And it IS good money anymore. They’ve apparently decided that they should be paid as well as people doctors, and who am I to say they shouldn’t. Most used to go into the profession because they loved animals, though; today’s vets seem to go into it just for the money, like most medical doctors of this era. Understandably, my respect for both has taken a giant nose-dive.

We won’t be having any more pets after this one passes; we can’t afford to properly take care of this little pooch the way it is. I blame that both on the vets and the pet med companies. I wonder what they’ll do if most people begin feeling that way and their business goes to hell in the proverbial hand-basket? Hopefully, we’ll both outlive our pooch; I’d hate to think what would happen to her if we didn’t.

I spent $8 of my $10 this evening buying my own meds. The co-pay went up from $7 last month. That’s only a dollar, but my wife keeps telling me that she’s seeing stuff on TV saying that they’re going to quit paying for meds. I certainly can’t afford them on my own, so if they do that, I guess it will be strictly up to the Lord whether I live or die. Truth be known, it’s actually in His hands as it is, and I’m pretty contented with that idea. © 2016


Sixbears said...

I'm glad when we can get the dog's needs taken care of locally. They aren't a fancy place, but run appointments on time and do what has to be done.

In FL we found a place that was good, but cost three times what it would back home.

There was an exception to that at a walk in clinic outside Miami many years ago. Our previous dog looked like it was going to lose its leg. Vet took care of the problem for $45. Dog was much improved in three days. The vet recognized the problem as being caused by a certain type of insect bite. We don't have those critters up north. She had exactly the right treatment to save the leg.

Turns out she used to live in Vermont and loved hiking in my area. We had a great visit.

My lovely wife's meds are darn expensive. Our co pay averages over $100/month. They keep trying to move her to cheaper meds, but we know from experience they don't work.

I've got sleep apnia. I've salvaged and repaired the c-paps I use. Much cheaper than going to get a new one through the DR's. Can't afford new ones as my insurance is crap.

Medical stuff, unfit for man and beast.

Gorges Smythe said...

They figure they've got us where they want us, Sixbears.

deborah harvey said...

sometimes there are foundations which pay or help pay for meds.
my husband gets some of his cancer treatment from one--thanks to God!

also, if you have the prescription for dog, you can get meds from other places, like 'doctors foster and smith' website.
the farm stores carry meds and you may need a scrip there, too. ask.
check out family farm and tractor supply stores , or whatever you have in your area, to see if they have dog's meds.
much cheaper.

my husband's cancer doc is lovely, and he found the help for us.
his urinary doc, on the other hand, has no clue.
told us to ask at his front desk because there was help. woman there said,'oh, we don't do that any more.'.
dismissive she was.
the doc didn't care or keep up with it at all. wanted 3,000$ for an injection.
so husband started getting the shots at the hospital and they took medicare, i think.
but now cancer doc took over injections and we are covered.

God bless him a thousandfold.

cast around and see what you can find for yourself and for dog.

you have to give the shots yourself. easy to learn how.

Chickenmom said...

When we had dogs, the rabies shot was give free at the local firehouse. Had to buy a license, but we wormed them ourselves. Seems like pets are treated better than people now-a-days. Sad.

Gorges Smythe said...

So far, dh, I don't need it for myself, but I WILL start looking for cheaper dog meds.

And they cost as much, too, Cm!

Joy said...

I just did a quick Internet search for 'canine heartworm medicine' and I see lots of options. Even saw a generic brand, in fact, Google 'canine generic heartworm medicine' and see what you can find. Might be something cheaper you can order on-line.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'll do that Joy; thanks.