Thursday, October 20, 2016

Another Day, Another Grump

Two times recently, I’ve stopped by my regular doctor’s office to get a blood draw that my heart doctor wanted. Both times, the paperwork had yet to arrive. Yesterday, I called the heart doctor’s office and spoke with his nurse, who admitted that the computer showed that the request had never been sent out. She promised to do it as soon as we hung up. When I got to my MD’s office this morning, for a scheduled check up, the paperwork STILL wasn’t there.

Both times that I’d been there before, it was when they’d just opened, and I hadn’t eaten yet, in case they wanted a fasting draw. I told them that they should ask my doctor if HE was going to want a blood draw for my appointment, and if so, that they could do it while I was there. They must be scared of the likable little fella, because they wouldn’t do it. My appointment this morning was at 10. I hadn’t eaten since supper the night before and was starved. SO, on the way, I made the decision to invite my wife, who was along just to get out of the house, to a cheap breakfast at the home of the fallen arches. I figured if they wanted a fasting blood draw, they could just wait a few days.

I had gone inside a few minutes early to give the phlebotomist time to do the blood draw for my heart doctor, but of course, that wasn’t to be. The office was packed and it was 10:50 before the doctor finally made it to the exam room. He didn’t need to see the bag of pill bottles the nurse had told me on the phone to bring. He DID say that he knew what the heart doctor would be testing for and that I could go ahead and have the draw, which I did. I’d been inside an hour-and-a-half when I rejoined my severely irritated wife.

The rest of the town visit went a little better. I took the missus to the mall to take a round and she found the calendar of country scenes that she buys every year, so her mood improved. Then, we went to the Chinamart on the far side of town, and I snuck over to Tractor Supply and found two small pneumatic tires that I needed for the frame of my chainsaw mill, so MY mood improved. I didn’t get anything done outside today when we got back, due to the weather, but hey, you can’t have everything!

Oh, while I was waiting in the doctor’s office, a former co-worker sat down beside me and visited a few minutes. He was saved while we were still working at the factory and now visits Chinamart nearly every day and subtly witnesses to the employees that he now knows by name. He also visits a couple nursing homes every week with cookies and bananas and visits and prays with anyone who’ll let him. He says that some call him “the banana preacher.” He also fills an empty pulpit now and then. It was really good to see him. Few of us manage to serve the Lord so well in our “retirement.” © 2016


Euripides said...

I'm surprised you can navigate the bureaucracy of the various doctors' offices at all. It's a rare time when I or the missus get in to see the doctor and everything gets done and on time.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm retired, E, so I can just sit there like a knot on a log until they decide to do something to get rid of me. ;-)