Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another One Bites The Dust

I hadn’t been out of high school for a year, probably, when the first of my classmates passed away. Since then, quite a few others have done the same, along with many, many other people that I knew from other places. While talking to my mother on the phone this evening, she told me that my ex-brother-in-law passed away Monday. I hadn’t seen him for 35 years, or longer (when I got divorced), and had wondered where he’d ended up. It turned out that he still lived here in town and was co-owner of a bar that I drive by a couple times a week.

He and his mother were the only two people in life that I ever hated. My feelings were due to the way they treated my ex before we were married. I finally figured out that my feelings were hurting no-one but myself and got a handle on my emotions. However, I never developed any respect for either one of them, but once married, I managed to get along with him and his mother for my wife’s sake. Sometimes, I wonder if the reason she married me was a subconscious desire to get out of a bad home situation.

He was one of those rare individuals who could do anything he turned his hand to doing. He was an excellent brick and block layer, could do ANYTHING related to construction, was a very talented mechanic and a pretty good guitar picker from what I remember. He wasn’t afraid of hard work and supported his family well enough from all I’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, when he was young, he liked to spend his spare time smoking weed and running around with his friends, or staying home drinking and beating his wife. I don’t think that marriage lasted long. I don’t know if he had any others. He DID have a fiancée when he died.

He left behind his sisters, a son, three grandkids and a deceased daughter, I think Mom told me. I closed that chapter of my life long ago, so I won’t go to the funeral or even send a card, but I still feel bad for the family. Like me, he was 61 and had weight problems, so I suppose his heart got him.

The saddest thing is that I doubt if he, OR any of his family ever accepted the Lord. © 2016


Ralph Goff said...

Yes, its always a bit sobering when we see our contemporaries showing up in the obits column. I've seen a few of mine over the years.

Sixbears said...

We keep running out of contemporaries. Kinda makes a man look over his shoulder to see if the reaper is catching up to us.

However, it doesn't look like the man will be missed by many.

It's when the ones a lot younger than us keep passing away from health problems.

Gorges Smythe said...

We're gettin' there, Ralph!

Your right about the "youngsters," Sixbears. I see so many REALLY young folks as big as I am an I could nearly weep for them. I know how hard that weight is to shed and I doubt if they ever make it to me age.