Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I Knew America Was Lost When

…Bill Clinton was elected the second time. I understood that he was a likable sort, at least from a distance, but his TOTAL lack of morals was clearly evident by the time that he ran again for president. Still, the majority of voters seemed not to care. I knew that the country could easily survive four more years of his quasi-leadership, but I also knew that it could NOT survive an electorate that had lost all moral discretion. Later, I liked “Little Bush” better than his dad, but I was no a great admirer of him.

Then, America once again showed its lack of morals, or at least common sense, by electing an Arab president, when we were basically at war with some Arab countries. That was just as insane as it would have been to elect a Japanese or German president during World War II. Such individuals might have been good men, but our voters had sense enough back then that they would NEVER have taken the chance. Obama pretended to be black, though, so every liberal nutcase in the country voted for him, mainly for that reason, along with those who simply hated all republicans.

Four years later, American voters AGAIN showed a total lack of morals by re-electing that same Arab, despite him having proven that he was grossly immoral, and either unbelievably incompetent, or completely treasonous. Now, the same folks who supported Obama a second time (and would for a third, if they could) are rooting for an obviously and thoroughly communist liar of unimaginably amoral character. Only time will tell if enough folks have come to their senses to slow down our descent into political hell.

One thing about this election is that it’s clearly illuminated the voting blocs in this country. For Hillary, you have mostly hell-bound heathens, and I’m NOT exaggerating. Hillary stands FOR everything that Almighty God stands AGAINST. The day has long passed when you can be a Christian and vote democratic.
The other main bloc is made up of pragmatists; they may love Trump or loathe him, but they fully understand that he is America’s last hope to avoid a quick demise.

The third group is small, but might make a positive difference if they would join the pragmatists, but they won’t. This small group, however, is actually made up of three even smaller groups—those voting for Hillary to spite Trump, those voting third party because they are just too “righteous” to vote for either major candidate, and those poor deluded souls who honestly think a third party has a chance of making a difference in this country at this time. The latter are basically Peter Pan types. The first two, at one time, would have been said to be cutting off their nose to spite their face. They are apparently unaware or uncaring of the fact that they are helping the hell-bound heathens to sell their children into full communist slavery.

Personally, I continue to believe that our country is doomed, just as I did back in 1996, when Billary was re-elected. All that remains to be seen is whether we go into the sewer madly paddling with the current or slow our descent by paddling against it. © 2016

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