Friday, October 7, 2016

Slo-Mo "Hail" Storm

There is a fairly good acorn crop on SOME of the white oaks in my yard this year. Two of them overhang the house, to the point of causing moss growth on the roof and a bit of roof damage. (That's why I need to get on the roof soon.) The two trees are dropping acorns all over the house roof, but the largest reaches clear across the ridge and several feet further. As a result, the acorns that have been falling on the roof 24 hours a day sometimes fall directly above the head of my bed at night. It's sort of like listening to a slow-motion hail storm up there. It's only a half-story upstairs, so where the slopes are on the ceiling, there's only about eight inches between the outside and the inside (six-inch rafters). Needless to say, the sound transfers very well.

Also, when I sit on the porch, an acorn from far up in the tree sometimes hits the roof with gusto, maintains momentum on its roll down the rest of the roof, hits the nearly-flat four-foot roof extension that gives me a six foot porch and shoots 20 feet out into the yard! The dog finds that interesting.

I notice the tempo is slowing some so, hopefully, I'll have quieter nights before long. In the meanwhile, the deer are coming right up to the foundation of the house at night eating acorns. I hope the crop is as heavy in the woods as it is here, but I suspect it isn't. As always, the un-managed deer herd is composed mostly of deer with their ribs showing, but I doubt if they'll be able to put on any fat between now and winter. Dern greedy bureaucrats—always hoping to sell an extra (unguaranteed) deer for five dollars, and the heck with herd health. Guess I'd better shut up before I tell you what I REALLY think of them! LOL © 2016



deborah harvey said...

hi, gg,
are your squirrels gathering acorns apace?
some say their squirrels are not squirrelling away the nuts frantically, as they do when a winter will be rough.
the new almanac says this winter will be bad, and the few signs i know say the same.
just wonder if you have noticed the squirrel activity?


deborah harvey said...

p. ps.

if you read 'the contrary farmer', which is a repost of gene logsdon's columns, today's posting is about the deer problem and the viciousness of opponents to herd control.
ignorance run amok.
no wonder we can't live in peace. everything seems to be something to fight over where human beings are concerned.
and God forbid knowledge should enter into the equation.

Pumice said...

You have heard of "first world problems". This would seem to be a "country living problem". Enjoy.

Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

No, dh, I'd noticed that they don't seem all that busy. Maybe they're on welfare now. I don't follow his blog, but Logsdon's a good writer.

Beats the heck out of some problems, Pumice; that's for sure.

Chickenmom said...

Surprisingly there are not many acorns this year. But the hickory nuts are having a bumper crop! I've never seen so many!